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Product Reviews

Midnight Glam Dog Coat

It's awards season again.

The Globes, the Oscars, The Grammys... sure, sure, Merry and I don't actually attend any of these awards shows. However, anyone who has ever seen the princess put on a performance would agree that she probably should attend.

And really, what's a diva to do during awards season but put on her finest and circulate (or run circles) with friends?

Merry was one excited little princess when we received our latest package from Beanies and Belvedere. Their Midnight Glam coat was designed specifically for the Celebrity Gift Bags for the 31st Annual American Music Awards. It's the party dog coat that every little diva dreams about.

It's a stunning black coat made from slick heavy black satin and features a to-die-for black faux fur collar. It's nicely lined with fleece for those princesses attending award shows in cooler weather. What makes it truly spectacular, however, is the luxurious rhinestone treble clef appliqué at the tail. The outfit just screams glam, really.

The coat, like all the products we've reviewed from Beanies and Belvedere, fit like a dream. A particularly nice touch were the two buttons at the chest level that secures the coat. Real, working buttons, not velcro. What a treat. A wide strip of padded black satin covers the chest and is attached to a very swish belt-like satin strip that fastens over the back with velcro. It's a quality strip, too, nice and long with enough velcro to be adjustable for those with wider waistlines (not, as Merry hastens to add, that her tiny frame requires it).

The coat has found a treasured place in Merry's wardrobe. She's informed me that all she needs now is more fabulous parties to attend. Perhaps we'll have an Oscar party this year and let the little one run around in her glam coat to greet the guests.

Caviar, anyone?

You can find out more about Beanies & Belvedere from their web site

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