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Product Reviews

Metro Dog Spa Collection

It's spring again. You can tell by the lack of snow in the big city, not to mention the melting mucky puddles of ooze everywhere you go. Despite the fact that she looks like sugar wouldn't melt in her mouth, and despite the fact the she's bathed on a very regular basis from a dizzying array of puppy shampoos and conditioners, all it takes is one good rainfall for our home to start to smell like Eau De Very Wet Dog. Funky.

To make matters worse, being around heaters and snow and goodness-knows-what-else has made Merry's little paws a little rough around the edges. And let's not even discuss spring breath - for unknown reasons, the pug's breath gets a little fragrant when the seasons change.

In other words: despite the time we spend on grooming, the pug could definitely use some beauty help.

Happy Tails came to our rescue with their Metro Dog Collection. Consisting of Dry Dog Instant Clean (a spray-on bath replacement), Dog Smog Remedy (to clean up breath and... er... the air coming out of the other end too) and Bowwow Butter Balm (a creme to soothe dry noses and paws), this little grooming set is magic for urban hounds.

Merry and I tried out the Dry Dog Instant Clean first. Made with Kiwi and Melon extracts, it's one of the most delicately scented sprays we've seen on the market. Most dog sprays (with the exception of perfumes) are relatively light simply because a dog's sense of smell is so strong, but with the overuse of Ylang Ylang in the market both in pet and for-people products, you can still get a relatively nasty twitch if you're allergic to many scents (as I am). But this spray was very light, didn't bother me at all, and yet still got rid of Merry's doggy smells and it lasted for a lot longer than other scents or cleansers out there.

The Dog Smog Remedy was nothing short of a revelation for someone who can't seem to get Greenies to work the way they're supposed to. Sure, we brush her teeth. But still, doggy breath returns, no matter what we've tried in the past. (Luckily, I've never had problems with gaseous emissions from the other end.) But this stuff works. The spray is filled with mint essential opils, dill, fennel, parsley, ginger... an entire array of bad-smell fighters. The instructions call for you to spray their gums, tongue and teeth. Well, Merry wasn't really going to accept this treatment. But I found that spraying a similar amount in my palm and letting her lick it out did almost as well.

Finally, the Butter Balm worked like a charm - I've tried a few other balms and even Vaseline in the past to help her dry and rough paws in the spring, but nothing has ever worked so quickly and easily as this stuff. Aloe Vera, beeswax, and Shea butter are just some of the soothing ingredients. We've tried some of those, but never all combined like this. I'm going to pick up some more of this balm to give to friends with dogs here in the city.

To say that the pug and I loved this set would be doing it a disservice. We adored it. When we run out, we're ordering more. And again after that. We're tempted to try out more of the very clever Happy Tails line to see what else we might fall in love with. And we'll be telling every urban dog owner we meet to give this little set a try. It's wonderful, it's brilliant, and it works.

Four paws way up for this set! If we could give it 5 paws, we would.

You can find out more about Happy Tails from their web site


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