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Marvel Comics & Tattoo Tees

Can you be hip and girly and in the know and workin' it all at the same time?

I have days when it just doesn't seem to work for me - but then, I'm not a hipster diva pug model with a wardrobe the size of Texas and a heart the size of New York City. Maybe that's the difference.

The princess pug manages to pull of this kind of look with panache, though, which made her a perfect candidate to try out some Chi WOW WOW tanks from Funny Fur. They sent along two styles: the Flaming Kitty Tank Dress and the Incredible Hulk Dress from Chi WOW WOW's Marvel Heroes collection.

Seriously cute stuff.

The Flaming Kitty tank "dress" (I have to admit - it's called a dress but really just looks like a dressy tank to me. "Dress" to me, means it has a real skirt... and this doesn't.) is a lightweight, 4-way stretch black cotton lycra with red piping and a kicky red bow draped over the left shoulder.

The center back of the tank has a screenprinted flaming tattoo-inspired skull and the words "Tattoo Studio Tokyo". I've searched around for the meaning but can't seem to find one... other than that there are lots of Tattoo studios in Tokyo. :) The screenprint is in a light mauve, and features rhinestone bling atop it. The girly skull features a red blingy bow on its forehead. The flames are rhinestoned in red and the skull is blinged out with white stones.

The tattoo inspired design thing has really been hot the past year or so and shows no signs of slowing down. I like this edgier look, but particularly like it when teamed up with something to give it a little softness - like the red bow. We can't be all butch, all the time, after all.

The Incredible Hulk Dog Dress is one that got a LOT of oohs and aahs around the office. Superheroes and comic books are just HOT right now - see movies like The Watchmen, the upcoming Wolverine movie and last year's Iron Man for just a few examples - and they definitely get lots of streed cred with me. Plus they're so iconic, so easily recognizable that they make fab fashion.

The dress is made from a slightly thicker (more "regular" tee weight) 4-way stretch cotton lycra in an absolutely fantastic grape and cream stripe. This tank has a little but of a collar - think a very low mock turtle, maybe? - with green piping around the faux wrap skirt (love it!) and features a lovely green bow at the right hip.

The center has a high quality screenprint of the Hulk himself in all his decadent green and grapeness featuring big yellow text (natch), red "action lines" spewing out from His Hulkiness and a good old "Rawr" on his face.

(I had such a crush on both Bruce Banner and his alter ego in the seventies, I can't begin to tell you.)

I think the design of this tank dress is brilliant. The faux skirt is too cute, the bow on the back hip is fantastic, and the color scheme and screen print and hilarious and made me want to run out and rent old Bruce-y boy on DVD. The pug got a TON of compliments on this outfit when walking the (finally warm again!) streets of Toronto last week.

Both tanks fit well and were clearly well designed and well made - and made in the US of A as well, I might add. Machine washable, both - good thing, since steering a pooch away from mud is a lot easier than it sounds sometimes. I'd suggest line drying though, and avoid that iron if you want to keep the screenprints looking their best.

Funny Fur's got some fabulous designs here with their Chi WOW WOW collection. Highly recommended.

You can find out more about Funny Fur from their web site at

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