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Mardi Paws Dragon Pet Costume

Even for folks who don't always dress up their pups (the horror!, barks Merry), Halloween just seems to bring out the dress-up artist in many of us. Fact is, our dogs look adorable with a Halloween costume on, and if you have or know kids, they get an absolute hoot out of seeing Fido or Fifi dressed up like the neighbourhood ghost or devil or jester.

It's one of the reasons we were just so thrilled to get a package for review from the folks at Puppe Love, one of the best pet costume designers out there for pet costumes.

But when we opened up the package to see one of their newest designs, a Mardi Gras dragon costume, we were quite literally blown away, taken aback, and made breathless.

This is not just the prettiest pet costume we've ever seen. It's the best costume we've seen, period, and is to be honest better quality than most of the stuff I've personally worn for Halloween. Definitely better than anything I had as a kid growing up in the seventies (don't tell anyone, though - I'll never live down the bell bottoms).

Elaborate and colorful, the dragon dog costume is comprised of a full-head hood, a wide collar, a long "tail" and a small "panty" that hooks over the back legs.

The hood is the "head" of the dragon, complete with yellow "teeth" around the face, enormous googly eyes atop the head and a three-pronged multicolor jester hat. The wide collar comes well over the shoulders and its purple color is offset with yellow and green decorations and can either be worn as shown - flat against the body - or pointed up and out with the help of moldable "bones" sewn into the collar. Both head and collar ring sweetly with tiny multicolored bells.

Long and pointy, the dragon's tail is decorated with green spikes and the tail extends well past the "end" of your pooch. Not to worry though - that's by design. The purple "panty" at the back has two elastic "legs" to slide over your pup's legs to keep the tail secure along their back, while still allowing them plenty of freedom of movement and the ability to squat or raise their leg on walks.

The costume also fastens like a typical dog coat - with wide, secure velcro strips at the chest and under the belly.

The detail on this costume was just incredible, and the only thing more impressive than the detail was the workmanship. This is not a throwaway Halloween costume - if you pick this up, your pet will be able to wear it for years. Double-stitched and lined for comfort, this is one of the best garments we've seen for a pet, period, in terms of fit and quality. The fact that it's a Halloween costume for dogs makes it that much more impressive.

We didn't have official plans for the pug for this year, but with a costume like this, you can bet we'll be making it to several parties just to show off her adorable good looks and her spectacular Halloween duds! Keep your eyes peeled for next month's reviews, when we'll be taking a look at two more Halloween costumes for pets from Puppe Love.

Whether it's for Halloween or Mardi Gras itself, if you're looking for a costume for your pet that will actually last you many years and will guarantee your pet all the attention their furry little selves deserve, you absolutely must consider going with the dragon costume from Puppe Love. You won't regret it!

You can find out more about Puppe Love from their web site at

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