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Doggie Bathing Suit & Pink Pleated Dress

Article Author: Dog Clothing Review - A Merryvaluation by Angie McKaig

When you say the words "dog in a bikini" it sounds like the punch line to a joke or perhaps a scene in a movie. But they really exist and we really got one sent to us as part of a package from the folks at Doggie Couture Shop! It was slightly bamboozling; I never imagined seven years ago that I'd be learning how to put a bikini top on a pug (*laughs*) but I did, indeed, do that very thing this month.

The bikini set is really authentic. They can wear it to the beach or the pool, or even for Halloween. (C'mon - you could dress up as Annette and Frankie, and take your pooch in a bikini, it'd be HILARIOUS.)

When faced with the bikini for review, one question became immediately clear. While the panties for dogs were easy enough to figure out, it wasn't so clear with the top: how do you put a bikini top on a pug? I mean, does it go on forwards or backwards? Backwards, and she's wearing the "cups" on her shoulder blades. (But you can see them.) Forwards, and she's wearing the "cups" on her chest, which has no "breasts" to speak of (and also is largely hidden from view).

Having no personal experience to draw from (I haven't worn a bikini since the 70's!) I Googled around until I found enough pictures to support my theory: chest, not shoulder blades.

The fit was very easy: a velcro strip helps to attach the band around the chest, and long black ties wrap up around the neck to finish in a bow. You can't see the strips very well, because pugs are endowed (no matter how skinny they are) with extra rolls of skin and they kind of oozed up and around the pug so all you could see was the tie around her neck.

The panties were actually pretty cool. These are the same types of panties you'd get for a pup in heat; they work as protection for your furniture. And they could likely also be used this way at the beach or in the pool. They go on just like diapers, really - but with a "hole" for the tail. Velcro straps help you attach the panties together at both hips. They do take a little getting used to for the pooch (well, Merry, anyway - she's never had to wear panties or diapers since she got fixed before her first heat) but it didn't take too long (half an hour or strolling around).

You could totally do the beach in these. We may just do that this season, to let others get a hoot out of the effervescent bikinied Merry pug. :)

The second item in our Doggie Couture Shop package was much more straightforward to figure out: the Butterfly & Flowers Dress. It's a great casual dress for spring or summer.

The style is interesting; designed more like a coat than a dress, it features a wide strap that goes around the chest and is secured with velcro and another, thinner strap that goes around the neck. From the waist, it fans out in two thick laters of pleated fabric edged with pink embroidery. I loved in particular how full the dog skirt was and how solidly made the pleats were. You could actually "fluff it up" a bit by loosening and shaking the skirt, making the dress fuller and move more fluidly. It also looked killer cute wiggling back and forth every time Merry went for a walk!

The fabric design just really screams summer. "Patches" of fabric (it's all one piece, it's just built into the design)in shades of pink and black featuring butterflies, flowers, polka dots and gingham make up the bulk of the dress. The waist features a faux-belt made from black & white gingham tied in a lovely long bow.

The fit is bang-on perfect - great for length, great for width. It's a solidly made dress; the workmanship is fabulous and the cotton material itself is very sturdy. The dress itself might be a little heavy for the hottest days of summer but would be perfect for breezy days and family picnics!

Honestly, we had a blast with the package we received from Doggie Couture Shop, and can't wait to see what they're up to next!

You can find out more about Doggie Couture Shop from their web site at

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