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Luxury Leather Dog Collars

Ooooo, leather.

I know it's not completely PC - there are folks out there who swear by pleather and insist we're being cruel to animals by using leather. Particularly when we're putting leather on another animal. I know the arguments. I even agree with them, intellectually, most of the time.

But there's just something about the feel of leather that just blows all those intellectual arguments to bits and focuses my mind on a single word: WANT.

And the nicer the leather, the stronger my brain starts shouting that word. You know. Like a two year old who absolutely must have the cookie.

You can imagine, then, my brain's little happy dance when we received the package containing two custom-made luxury leather dog collars from Doggone Elegant. Picture a pug pirhouetting on her back legs for a treat. That's my brain. Just more graceful.

The first dog collar was a genuine ostrich leather collar in Melon, 1" wide. This was not a glossy leather, but more like a matte finish. Like their website description says, ostrich leather is known for its buttery softness. And how. Made me coo just to touch it as I wrapped it around the princess's neck. You'll notice the little bumps on the surface of the leather in the photos, right - that's a quill pattern. Turns out the only the most expensive part of the ostrich has this quill pattern, and it's a very disctinctive look, immediately identifying it as ostrich.

The second dog collar was a Teju lizard leather collar in black, 1/2" wide. This collar was definitely glossy with a shiny finish. Honestly, I hadn't ever heard of Teju leather, so I did a little investigating and found out that it's from the Tegus lizard, but for the most part it's referred to as Teju once commercialized in leather. It's a very high grade leather with distinctive markings, commonly used for luxury boots, belts, and watch bands.

Both collars came with very simple chrome findings and, what was a lovely surprise to this reviewer: no brand markings. Aaaah. As much as I love brands (how could any self-respecting fashionista not love brands?), it's nice to know that not every collar Merry wears has to have a great big logo sewn or pressed into the side of the collar... and no noisy logo id tag, either. Just clean, elegant design with a minimum of fuss. Sweet.

One of the things that impressed me the most, though, was how the collars are made: they're all custom made by skilled craftsmen in the good old US of A. That means a slightly longer wait for your dog collar, but it also means a completely unique collar, too. Each collar will have slightly different markings, tiny differences between them that will make each one a unique piece of leather walking gear for your pet.

(Like Ferragmos. Only better.)

The workmanship on these collars was stellar as was the quality of materials. These are truly collars that are worth their cost. Merry has already started whispering in my ear that she'd like them in every color and style. For her wardrobe, you understand.

Ooooo, leather. Go on. You know you want to.

You can find out more about Doggone Elegant from their web site at

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