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Luxury Dog Blanket

The princess Meredith has seen her share of luxury. She rests her weary head on dog beds made from fine materials. She owns an entire wardrobe of lovely clothing, dozens of pearl and rhinestone necklaces, collars and leads made from fine leathers and suedes. She drinks only bottled water from blown glass dishes. Her fur smells of the sweetest natural oils and unguents.

And yet.

The princess has never seen luxury like this before.

The kind folks at Opus Canis recently sent along a luxurious dog blanket for the princess to test out. It's actually not called a blanket, it's called a Lodix - which was how wealthy Romans used to refer to blankets in their opulent villas (or so we've heard).

The particular style sent along for review - pictured, right - is the Pink-Blue Lilium Aurora Lodix. The blanket arrived ensconced in a fine white cotton pocket and it's a handy way to transport the blanket safely from place to place.

It's a stunning blanket, composed of pure cashmere wool (the backing) and pure silk satin (the top). The silk satin is covered in traditional Fleur-de-Lys. The satin is woven in a Jacquard technique. The entire blanket is painstakingly hand-assembled and stitched using pure silk threads.

The company states that some products have as many as 100 hours of work put into them. The techniques for creating these blankets are incredible, very labor-intensive and result in a unique piece that is among the most luxurious we've ever heard of for pets. Opus Canis calls their creations haute couture for dogs, and we're inclined to agree.

Merry, of course, took to her luxurious new blanket in the same inimitable style for which she's famous. She daintily climbed atop it, circled once, and spread herself out, cheesecake style. All she really needed was a deliciously naughty novel and a box of fine Godiva chocolates to complete the look. But given the say she gobbles her food, perhaps you won't be surprised to learn I waited until she was off the blanket before giving her a carob treat.

But yes, the princess loves her blanket. The silk satin is perfect for warm summer nights, nice and cool to the skin - the cashmere side will be saved for cooler winter evenings, when she can be wrapped up within the blanket, as seen in the third photo.

Were we impressed by the luxury, the quality, the fine workmanship and careful consideration put into this product from Opus Canis? You bet! A deliciously lovely blanket, indeed.

You can find out more about Opus Canis from their web site


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