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Product Reviews

Luxurious Lynx Bed and Blanket

We've been reviewing products from DogChewz for years: their treats, jewelry, even other beds and blankets. And while we've liked each of their products, even totally loved a few, we've never been this blown away before, and we've been on pins and needles for weeks just dying to tell you about it.

DogChewz' newest bed is the luxiest ever (is luxiest a word? no? well, it is now). Every inch of this dog bed screams luxury, screams pampering, screams "lay on me"! The incredibly plush faux fur is a full 1/4" thick, rich and sexy under your fingers. It's super-stuffed, over half a foot thick. And the bottom is covered in what may possibly be the softest material we've ever felt, and we thought we'd felt it all.

The faux fur is without a word of a lie the cutest we've ever seen. (We don't know where they're finding this fabric, but it's one of the nicest faux lynx patterns ever.) The design is solid and lovely, the colors rich, and it's incredibly luxurious to touch (and lay in, as our princess Meredith was quick to show us). And the bottom of the bed is covered in a deep dark black color, a minky soft dotted material that's even softer than the faux fur top! Together, it makes for a visually stunning bed.

Inside, the bed's even more impressive. It's super-stuffed (this is one plush bed!) with a hypoallergenic, machine washable (lay flat to dry) pillow. Did we mention how much we like washable?

The beds come in either 36" (the one Merry's lying in) or 24" widths. Workmanship is 100% made in the USA and of fabulous quality. We're a big fan of this company's commitment to quality, USA-made products.

And we may never get the pug back out of this bed. Thankyouverymuch. (Just so you get an idea of how comfortable it is.)

Along with the lush bed, DogChewz sent along two matching blankets - each 17" x 24". One used the same lush lynx pattern as the bed; the other, an absolutely adorable tiger pattern. Both blankets are backed with the same minky black dot material as the bed.

As you can see, they work well as sofa or dog carseat covers (perfect to lay on) or as something to drape over your little one to keep them warm when the summer's over.

All their faux fur products are washable - machine wash on gentle cycle in cold water, and lay flat or line dry.

Of all the products we've reviewed by DogChewz, these are our hands-down favorites. Looking for a new bed or blanket for your pet for the fall? You really have to consider these. They're fabulous beyond compare, and your pet will go gaga over them, guaranteed.

With a precedent like this, we can't wait to see what this company comes up with next!

You can find out more about DogChewz NYC from their web site at

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