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Product Reviews

Louis Dog Sofa and Step

Oh, pink pink pink. No matter how far we go, from the diva to the functional to the hipster urban, we end up back at pink again, because every little diva needs a signature color, and by now, we all know what Merry's signature color is, don't we?

The pug loves pink like nothing else on the planet.

(And tell the truth. You love to see the world's most spoiled pug surrounded by pink, don't you?)

Of all the Louis Dog products we've reviewed from The Ritzy Rover in the past, this set far and away exceeded expectations. It might possibly be their cutest stuff yet.

The bed is actually a full-out sofa for pets, called the Bubbly Heart Sofa, and it's just too, too cute. It's covered from tip to toes in pink faux fur, stretched over very firm molded foam in a sofa style. Strapped to the top of the sofa, since molded foam and fur is not apparently soft nor luxe enough, is a removable "pillow top" also covered in faux fur, and stuffed with softer cushion material.

But that's not all. Because the sofa also comes with its own heart-shaped ottoman, which snugs up against the end of the sofa. The ottoman, too, is made from molded foam and covered in pink faux fur.

That's still not all. Just to provide the final finishing touch, the sofa comes with its own lounging body pillow covered in a pink cotton gingham and accented with pink satin ribbons.

Can you say too, too cute? Cute on steroids? The cutest thing ever?

As you can see, the princess took to this new kind of luxury living like a duck to water, or a pug to a dog bed (same thing really). She loves the couch and sleeps on it every day. And it's a conversation piece like you wouldn't believe when we have guests. :)

Just in case the princess tires of her new sofa, however, The Ritzy Rover also kindly sent along a matching set of dog steps. This allows the princess to get up and down from the couch (or more importantly, Mom's bed) more easily, without risking breaking her little pug neck on the shiny hardwood floors.

Like the sofa, the Step by Step is covered in pink faux fur (with denim on each riser) and is made from a molded foam frame. It's incredibly lightweight but sturdy and has a useful hand strap on the back for easy carrying.

As with most Louis Dog products, both the Bubbly Heart Sofa and the Step by Step come with removable, washable covers - though you may want to air-dry the fur, since fur tends to melt in the dryer.

Merry and I are (dare I say it) tickled pink by the new treats from The Ritzy Rover! Four paws and two thumbs way, way up!

You can find out more about The Ritzy Rover from their web site at

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