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Louis Dog Set

Editor's note: This review marks our 100th product review over the last two and a half years, which is an enormous accomplishment (and our closets are groaning under the weight of said accomplishment, believe us!). We hope you've enjoyed learning about so many products from a diva's point of view - and continue to enjoy for many years to come!

Merry has been a princess for every single day of her little pug life, but despite being the most spoiled pug in the world, she had yet to receive an entire matched set of doggie body and home fashions. She's managed to match, of course (hard not to, with all the pink she owns) but still, there's just something about a matched set that screams:

I am princess, and I so deserve this.

Merry was nearly beside herself when we received the enormous Louis Dog package from The Ritzy Rover. The entire box was brimming with pink and white, soft cottons and seersucker fabrics, elegance and girlishness and fun.

The pink ribbon dress (seen in the first two photos) was absolutely adorable. The top, made from stretchy pink material, is adorned with fake pearls and fastens under the belly with small snaps. Attached to the midsection is a white cotton seersucker skirt and a charming pink and white striped pink bow. The dress is very lightweight and perfect for summer, and fits like a dream.

The first photo shows the I-Cool Mat in pink. It's a portable dog bed (folds in half, with handy carrying straps on either end) that's great for summer picnics or a day at the beach. Unlike a lot of portable beds, this one's actually *cushy*, so your pet will enjoy sitting on it. The bottom is pink nylon, water resistant and perfect for laying on grass. The top is covered with cool white and pink striped cotton. One of its greatest features are the two pockets of non-toxic jelly it holds (removable). These pockets can be frozen ahead of time so that Fifi can stay cool all day long while laying on her mat. It's a great summer feature, and the pockets are removable for use in the spring or fall. The entire mat is washable in the delicate cycle, which is music to most pet owners' ears!

The second photo features the Bony House dog bed in pink. Again, it's an ideal indoor pet bed for the summer. Covered in cotton, the exterior wall is white and the base is covered in a non-slip black material, perfect for wood or carpeted floors. It's a lighter bed altogether, less plush, less fuzzy than many dog beds, which makes it perfect for those hot summer days. (It's also lightweight enough you can wrap it up to store during the winter.)

The third photo is of one of the cutest carriers we've ever seen - the Simply Up white and pink dog carrier. The photos can't even do it justice. Made from PVC, the entire carrier is white lined with thick pink lining and features pink mesh windows. The carrier is a low one - made for pups that like to lay while they travel - it's not quite as practical for those who prefer to sit.

The fourth photo is of the Toy Basket - a great carrier/storage space for pet toys (it's water resistant inside and out which makes for great quick-wipe cleanup). Also included were the Ugg Dog Toy Set, a Coco Ring Dog Toy in pink, and a pink bone dog toy. The toys were each velvety soft to the touch and filled with neat squeakers, rattles and other noisemakers that made Merry one happy and contented princess (once I let her stop posing with them and actually play, that is).

We have long been fans of The Ritzy Rover and Louis Dog designs - but this set, literally, took the cake. It's exactly what every princess deserves - a matching set of dog clothes, bed, carrier and toys made of incredible quality, highly impressive workmanship, and designs so cute you can't help but sigh, "Awwww". Big thanks to The Ritzy Rover for providing such a fantastic package for our 100th review!

You can find out more about The Ritzy Rover from their web site


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