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Louis Dog Pillow and Dog Rug

Here's the thing about a dog bed: it's a pain in the butt to move around. Now, I'm not talking about dragging it from one corner of the room to the other - the kind of movement Fido does all on his own when he's really into that toy he's pushing into the sides of the bed - but really moving it. You know: from room to room, or up to a hotel or your folks' place or friends' homes or...

You get the idea.

It's one of the reasons I've always felt the doggy blankets and mats were so useful, if a little small and a little thin. Pugs are notorious for needing deep, thick cushions to lay on - this is why the pug makes such a great "tester" for dog beds. If she thinks it's luxurious enough, then it's definitely okay for all the other doggies out there.

But wouldn't you know it: The Ritzy Rover was gearing up to shatter all my preconceived notions of dog mats and show me something that both the pug and I could really sink our teeth into.

When the Dog Rug with matching pillow showed up in our package, we fell in love even before we knew it was from Louis Dog, one of our favorite designers. I think it had something to do with the softness: the entire top of the mat and the matching pillow are covered in slinky soft faux fur, so delectable to touch that if I was a cat, I'd purr. But it was also the color: a delicious wine color with contrasting pink lace touches.

The size of the rug is impressive - it's nearly double the size of some of the other small dog pet mats and blankets we've tried. At 27.5 by 22.5 inches, it's the size of a decent rectangular pillow bed, but with a fraction of the weight and lack of mobility. It was more than big enough for Merry to stretch out on. It would also be ideal for two smaller dogs - yorkies, chihuahuas - to cuddle up together.

But it was the thickness of the rug that sold us, hook line and sinker. Because this is no typical dog mat - it's cushy. Thick. It's actually stuffed with padding inside just like a bed, only thinner - more like a comforter or duvet. Now this is a rug that a pug can get into!

Best of all, the rug is backed with a nonslip material (see last photo) which means it won't slide off or get bunched up as easily - it worked perfectly on bare floors, on carpeting, in a car and on a couch. That's pretty impressive.

The rug itself is decked out with a tree patch with a small ribbon bow and two Swarovski crystals. And the matching pillow is brilliant - it had enough weight to it that Merry could use it as an arm rest or lay against it comfortably, providing that "nestled in" feeling that doggies love.

Merry loved its cushiness. It took no effort at all to talk her into stretching out on the Dog Rug - it did, however, require considerably more effort (read: treats) to entice her up and away from the Rug once she'd tried it.

This is, for us, the perfect travel set. We can roll up the rug (around the pillow, even) and take it with us on trips, to visit friends and family, or any time the pug needs her own little place to curl up (which is, as you might have guessed, always). Four paws up for this fantastic, soft and usable design!

You can find out more about The Ritzy Rover from their web site at

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