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Product Reviews

Dog Fur Dress & Matching Bed

When The Ritzy Rover gave us a call to tell us about the new fall line from Louis Dog, we were ecstatic. We've long been a fan of the company and its designs, with one wee fly in the ointment: the colors were usually pastel, which isn't the easiest to blend into our neutral home decor.

But this winter's collection marks a departure: finally, adorable products in cream and tan and brown, real colors to match your home decor! When The Ritzy Rover offered to send us a sample of the new offerings, we jumped at the chance.

The package did not disappoint. In fact, it was so huge we've had to split it into two reviews! We're reviewing the first half of the package this month, and the second half next month.

In this Review the Princess Coat in beige, and the matching Baby Cradle dog bed.

The Baby Cradle bed has made a number of improvements since we last reviewed it. The half-cover was always optional, but now it's made from a lighter material, more tent-like in appearance, which makes it much easier to maintain. It also features two or three flexible rods that help to make a "frame" for the tent top, ensuring it keeps its shape. The cover attaches with a zipper at the base (matching up to the bed) and also features two large velcro straps that attach to the bottom of the bed, ensuring a snug fit that won't be easily jostled. The half-cover now also features thin sheer drapes that can be laid out over the bed when your furkid is sleeping, or can be tucked in behind the velcro straps for an open look. As always, the bed is covered in deliciously soft faux fur. An adorable bow at the front completes the look.

It's so hard to choose how best to use the bed - with or without the cover - that we shot it both ways for you. :)

The winter dog dress, or coat if you prefer (it's warm enough to wear as a dress coat for the winter, but probably not hardy enough for truly frigid days -- we liked the idea of using it for a winter dress instead), is absolutely delish. We fell in love with the wide draped faux fur collar and matching dressy frill at the bottom. What's more, that same velvety soft faux fur also lines the coat. Nice wide velcro straps at the chest and belly fasten it securely. The outfit is topped by a lovely brooch in a sheer metallic cream fabric and held together by a rhinestone-encrusted heart pin.

The quality, as always, is top-notch. All of the Louis Dog products (and The Ritzy Rover carries the entire line) are incredibly well made with fabulous designs.

But, for us, the real fun was in seeing how wonderful the bed and dress looked together. Has the pug ever looked more luxurious, more pampered, more deserving of such softness and coziness? We foresee many delicious days of lounging about for the pug, draped in her faux fur dress and resting on her faux fur bed, barking out for a box of carobs while she watches her soaps.

(Not that the princess would ever admit to such a thing.)

The Ritzy Rover has, as always, thrilled and impressed us! Stay tuned for the second review in our January 2007 issue.

You can find out more about The Ritzy Rover from their web site at

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