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Louis Dog Bed Set and Raised Diner

As we talked about in our December 2006 review, one of the most exciting parts of the new Louis Dog line is their introduction of new, more neutral colors for the home. It's not that we don't love pastels, and pink - hello, signature color anyone? - but from time to time even we can admit to some two-footed prejudice against beds that don't match our neutral decor scheme. Obviously this was a popular request, because there's just a fabulous selection of new items from the designer keeping this aesthetic in mind.

In this review, we're covering some of the darker brown offerings: Frill House Dog Bed (in Beige and Brown Polka Dot), the matching Ribbon Toy Box (also in Brown Polka Dot), and the My First Dining Set with pink Stripes and a dark brown base.

First, the bed: we just love the cradle shape. It's a fabulous idea mostly unique to Louis Dog beds - they take a standard nest or donut bed and then just shift the design a little, adding small touches here and there, until you've got a little cradle shape. This bed is no different, coming up higher on the ends and lower on the sides (for easier doggie access).

It's lined most deliciously with a soft beige terrycloth-like material and cuddled the pug very well. The exterior is covered in a chocolatey brown pleather with a cream polka dot ruffle and beige terry bow at each end. We loved the little design touches at each end - again, it's touches like these that make these beds really unique and fun to have in your home.

The frame is made from firm sponge and the interior pillow is filled with poly fil. The base (underneath the removable pillow) is water resistant to help keep accidents from "spilling out". According to The Ritzy Rover, this bed can be washed in the machine on delicate cycle.

It's also a surprisingly roomy bed. You can see that the pug has lots of extra snuggling or stretching room in this bed, so it's perfect for small dogs (probably up to about Cocker Spaniel size) or to share between two mini pups.

The matching toy box (see 4th photo, right), we've gotta admit, totally makes the set. It's an adorable smaller version of the bed, wrapped in the same chocolate pleather, lined with the same beige terrycloth, with a matching bow on the front. Now, will it hold all of your pet's toys? If your pet is as spoiled as Merry, the answer is no - but then, if your pet is as spoiled as Merry, odds are you have several small toy boxes around your place. We actually prefer this - it means she can access the toys herself (always a good thing) and also makes sure that there are toys in a few rooms for her to play with, instead of only being in one place in the house. The toy box should probably hold 5-10 toys comfortably, depending on their size.

The final item is absolutely delish. These new feeders are absolutely gorgeous, with well designed ceramic dog bowls (the larger bowl says "food" inside) with lovely pink stripes that actually fit right into the holes in the raised feeder. The feeder itself is a simple wood frame (painted dark brown) with a small pink bone detail on the front. Honestly, it's just one of the most adorable feeders we've ever seen. We loved the difference in the size of the bowls (the food one is flat, while the water is more of a cup), even though it meant that the princess couldn't get her flat little face down into the water cup. But for pets with a snout (as opposed to our flat-nosed princess), this set would not only be adorable, but ideal as well. Quality is excellent and we love, love, love the design.

The Ritzy Rover always seems to get the best Louis Dog stuff we've ever seen. We just love these designs to bits and barks!

You can find out more about The Ritzy Rover from their web site at

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