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Product Reviews

Little Blue Harness

I think every little girl grows up dreaming of getting a turquoise box with a white satin bow. Or, more accurately, dreams of getting what's inside such a box.

(It's times like this that I think about the fact that I've never gotten a box like that - sob - I really should have started up a company named, instead.)

Well, luckily for me, the folks at Pawsitively Posh knew about my dilemma (oh, I really want to believe they did) and decided to design a turquoise box with a white satin box for all the princesses out there who, like me, want to open up the box and keep whatever's inside.

In fact, they designed a box I'm guaranteed to want to keep the contents of. :)

Enter the Little Blue Puppy Harness. Clothing harnesses are hot, hot, hot - they allow you to dress up your pup and go for a walk without needing the extra step of a collar. Or, to look at it another way, they're a dressier and much more fashion-forward version of the tired ol' nylon harness.

The Little Blue Harness looks like and feels like a dream - it's made from the softest and most supple turquoise satin you've ever felt. It's lined with soft, elegantly spun fleece lining in a turquoiose just a shade or two darker than the satin shell.

Across the shoulder blades and running up the spine, white shiny soft satin ribbon is fastened to the turqoise shell. Weight-bearing ribbon (the portion running up the spine, which will take most of the "pull" when the pooch is walking on leash is triple-stitched into the harness.

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