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Lingerie for Dogs

One day, our beautiful princess may find herself a boy pug of her own. (Never mind that she's not allowed to date yet, according to her Mom.) She may want to settle down, get married, set up a home with many fabulous beds and bowls for the two of them to enjoy.

It could happen. You never know.

And if she does, you'd better believe that our princess Meredith will be expecting a trousseau to end all trousseaus. Stylish new dog outfits for the newly married lady. Perhaps a few new carriers for two.

She may also, for her boudoir, require a set of lingerie for her trousseau. And if she does, she's in luck: Metro Paws has just the thing. That's right - an entire line of lingerie just for dogs!

To be accurate, these aren't bustiers or hold-up stockings; they're called "Negligee T-Shirts" and they're made from fine lingerie lace and the same stretchy nylons used in fine undergarments. :)

The items we reviewed, in order, are: a White Tiger Shirt, a Bella Pink Glitter Lace Shirt, a Le Jardinier Shirt, a Black Rumba Ruffle Shirt and a Valentine Kisses shirt.

The White Tiger Shirt is a daring mix of fabric and color - a bold zebra stripe paired with a hot, hot pink stretch lace trim. The zebra material is an opaque, stretchy fabric that allows for freedom of movement and is very wrinkle resistant.

The Bella Pink Glitter Lace Dog Shirt was probably our favorite of the bunch. Sexy black lace with a hot pink thread running through it, the shirt sparkles with dots of pink glitter. It's just a lovely shirt - equally good for dressy situations, nights on the town, or intimate evenings at home.

The Le Jardinier Shirt was a breath of summery fun - boldly colored flower print matched with summery green lace trim. The flower print is also opaque, a four-way stretch material.

Most delicate of the bunch, the Black Rumba Ruffle Shirt was entirely see through, black two-way stretch material with tiny ruffles down the trunk of the body. Each ruffle was tipped with a tiny bit of white. Definitely evening wear.

For making us laugh, the Valentine Kisses shirt gets full marks. Made from that same four-way stretch fabric as men's novelty boxers, it's a simple white nylon topped with blazing red lamé lipstick prints. Soft white stretch lace accents the shirt.

All shirts are sewn with a similar style - seam down the centre of the chest, with lace trim at the neck, sleeve and waist. Workmanship is excellent and, despite the delicacy of these pieces, they should last a good long time if you treat them well. They fit a little small - Merry wore a Large in each even though her topline is 4 inches shorter than the size chart, so keep this in mind when ordering. Sizes range from xxxsmall (under 2 lbs.) to xlarge (over 40 lbs.).

Since all these shirts are considered to be delicate garments, the best way to care for them is to hand wash them. They should be laid flat to dry on a clean towel. Some of the shirts (we'd recommend the nylon, rather than the full lace tops) could probably also be washed in a garment bag on delicate cycle - but you won't want to dry these. The good news is that they dry very quickly!

Each of these items are not only suitable for evenings with their doggy beaus. If your pet likes to nightclub with you, these are definitely the shirts to go out in!

You can find out more about Metro Paws from their web site at

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