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Dog Bowl & Treat Jar by Chowtime Productions

Article Author: Dog Bowls Review - A Merryvaluation

Being a princess means never having to eat from tacky cheapo department store bowls, or worse... the floor.

(Never mind the fact that half the time the princess eats by gently picking up a piece of food in her jaws, turns her head, drops it on the floor, picks it up, chews part of it, drops the other half on the floor... repeat as necessary.)

The point is, being a princess means you shouldn't have to if you don't want to. It's all about options, darling.

The princess has never had a dining set so fitting as one custom-made for little ol' her - complete with her name painted both in the bowl and on the treat jar. It made reviewing the dining set from Chowtime Productions even more fun for all of us.

The dog bowl was adorable - holds about 1.5 cups of food or liquid maximum. The design is created by Alyson Whitney Idrees, the designer and creative talent behind Chowtime Productions. Each piece is hand painted and customized (if you wish) with your pet's name. Several adorable designs are available; Merry reviewed the Crunchtime Gone Pink! design (appropriate for the little princess, no?). The design was elegant but still fun - it is, after all, for a pooch! We loved the chocolate brown circles with the pink in the middle. But then, chocolate and pink are still incredibly hot color combinations -- one of Merry's absolute favorites.

Suffice it to say the princess had no problems licking the bowl clean! It's got a nicely wide lip for such a small bowl, which is perfect for a pug (those flat little faces are tough to get into tight places).

The treat jar was a very impressive piece of work - we loved the round design and wide mouth at the top (excellent if your furkid eats larger treats). It would be fun to pick up a few of these and have them lining the kitchen counter with an array of tasty options for your own little prince or princess.

This treat jar holds about 5 cups of treats if packed solid - but could just as easily store a few rawhides, or bigger bones. The ceramic is ideal for this kind of storage because all the glazing prevents the odors from seeping in.

All pieces are cast in molds to ensure uniformity of size and bisque fired, glazed in a handmade leadfree glaze, then fired a second time. They are foodsafe and microwaveable. They're also signed and dated by the artist.

Honestly, this was one of the loveliest ceramic sets we've ever reviewed! We loved the design and especially the treat jar. Four paws, two thumbs up!

You can find out more about Chowtime Productions from their web site at

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