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Rockin' Dog Tank Shirt and Dog Hoodies

Article Author: Dog Clothes Review - A Merryvaluation

Oh sure, Merry looks like butter won't melt in her mouth. She wears a lot of pink and is a supermodel. We know what you're thinking: square or snot, but a rocker she's not.

Oh, you're so wrong about that! This pug has a history. She has a love of leather leashes and coats. She has a tattoo. We've caught her trying to climb out the window on a Saturday night. She may not look it on the outside, but our girl's got a definite attitude and she can hold her own with the rocker set.

Which is why we hooted and hollered in laughter when we got our latest package of attitude-laden duds from the folks at K9 Duds. They know the princess better than we thought!

First up was an adorable pink dog hoodie with a wicked winged heart on the back and the phrase "Unconditional Love". This hoodie is so cute we just about can't stand to see the princess wearing it - you just want to snuggle her up and drop kisses all over her bad self. The hoodie is wild pink, chrystal washed for that bad-to-the-bone look, and is made from 100% cotton. It's called a "thermal" hoodie but think thermal pajams in terms of material, rather than a typical sweatshirt material. In truth it's more lightweight than the average fleece hoodie and that's a good thing.

Unconditional Love has a good sized hole in back for a leash or harness before the cute, if small, hood. These hoods are not functional - they're very much decorative. It's also a boxier cut than their fleece hoodies - think "boyfriend jacket" fit and you'd be about right. It makes for one cute, cuddly, rockin' pug.

The second item was a ribbed dog tank, tie-dyed green. Of all the pieces, this was our favorite. It fit deliciously and was 100% cotton soft, as with all the tanks from K9 Duds - but it also sported the cutest of the three designs. Roses and skulls decorate a spade and scream "Bad Attitude!" as well as "Ruff Love" and "Looking for Trouble". This shirt, we are certain, is the very shirt that the princess will decide to don before sneaking out to meet her hog-drivin' boyfriend on the way to a bar with an amazing band who really knows their electric guitars, if you know what we mean.

The last shirt was a more traditional fleece dog hoodie in pink (also sporting a hole for leashes or harnesses just beneath the hoodie line) with the moniker "Beware of Bad Ass" printed on the back complete with skull and crossbones. However, the fact that the hoodie is pink and the design is printed in pink foil tends to take the bite out of their statements. This would be a great "trainer" sweatshirt for those dogs who aren't really hardcore, not yet. :)

Like all their fleece dog hoodies, the sweatshirt fit close to the body with a nice ribbed cuff and waistband. The hood was also small, as we said, more decorative than functional.

We have to be honest - we love the direction this company is taking their designs. The tie-dyed look is super and works well with these tattoo-inspired shirt designs. The boxy style of the thermal hoodie and close-fitting ribbed tanks (our two favorite clothing pieces) are perfect for the style they've developed. The attitude has just the right amount of tongue in cheek when you consider they come as small as eight inches long for wee pups with attitude.

And the princess? We've had to hide her guitar pick. Somehow we just don't think that moonlighting at night as a lead guitarist will work well with her supermodel and most-spoiled-pup-ever day job. But ever since she got the duds to go with, she's been chomping at the bit to dive headfirst into rocker culture!

You can find out more about K8 Duds from their web site at



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