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Product Reviews

Leather Collars & Lead

There's just something about a good leather collar. It's stylish, seems to last forever, and is also a godsend for pug owners.

Okay, bear with me on this.

Pugs are not shaped up top like "regular" dogs. They have thick necks, and narrow heads. Which means there's not a lot of difference in the width between the two. And if you have a pug who loves to lazy-daisy her way around the flowers and grass, taking more time to find a spot to do her business than most people take to choose a new car, it means occasionally you'll end up tugging on the leash... and ending up with nothing but leash. With their heads down, it's all too easy for slippery nylon collars to slide right over their ears and before you know it, you've got a leash-free, very happy pug on your hands.

Leather, therefore, is a big thing in our home. It tends to stay around the neck better, which means I can walk a princess pug instead of just her leash. :) Yes, we still wear other collar fabrics including nylon, because we have some very pretty ones - but leather is my admitted favorite.

When Sit Up 'N' Beg contacted us about a Merryvaluation of their line of leather collars, this was A Good Thing. They kindly sent along two different styles - a slender black collar and a chunkier mauve collar.

The workmanship of these collars is really stellar. Each is individually hand made - which means it may take a little longer than ordering a mass-produced item, but it also means greater attention to detail. The collars are lined with very soft deerskin, and the hardware consists of three pieces - buckle, tip, and leash loop.

The slender black collar, called The Monaco, is made entirely from velvety soft deerskin - I've never felt leather this soft for a dog collar before. Small crystal flowers ring the front of the collar, each hand-set; the metal hardware is smaller and lighter to match the collar. It's a lovely dress collar and was incredibly comfortable for Merry to wear.

The chunkier mauve collar, called The Little Cardiff, flares to 1 1/2" wide at the front, and narrows to 1" at the back. The hardware, as you can see, is to die for - Merry's exact words - very fun for the little diva. I like the extra flare because again, it helps to keep the collar around her neck. The matching lead (shown in the bottom photo) was also stunning, with a charming matching heart where the hand loop begins. The color was wonderful, and I was thrilled to learn that the leathers are actually hand-colored. It had the wonderful slight variations that come with real hand work, and in my opinion it makes the leash and collar even more valuable.

Merry and I were very impressed by these collars. Would I buy more for Merry? Absolutely.

You can find out more about Sit Up 'N' Beg from their web site


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