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Product Reviews

Leather Charm Dog Collar

Leather collars for dogs are like leather purses or shoes for ladies - you can never have too many. They're not just staples of a good wardrobe, they're the stand-bys, the classic items that last and last without ever going out of style. Particularly in shades of black, navy and brown - good, neutral shades that will go with everything.

[And no, we're not crazy. Puppy moms and fashionista pugs really do think like this.]

A doggie boutique in Lodi, California called Mon "Pet"It Chic recently sent along a new custom Italian charm collar for Merry and I to evaluate. The pug was thrilled. For a few reasons: something new. Leather. And blingy.

Oh, yes, the pug does love her bling.

The collar itself is leather, tanned to a rich mahogany color. It's backed with suede. The entire front of the collar is available for custom charms to be fastened. In the collar we were sent, we had the following charms: "Merry" spelled out in gold-finish lettering with rhinestones, a "Diva" charm, a "Princess" charm, a "Top Dog" charm, a "Spoiled Brat" charm and a heart charm. Each charm interlocks with the next making for a flexible metal front to the collar. The row of charms are then hand-fastened to the leather collar with metal findings.

There are also a myriad of dangling tags available; our sample collar had both a goldtone heart and a pink enamel flower.

A warning for the size-conscious: these collars fit a little small. With most collars, the size (a 14, in this case) usually refers to the middle of the collar. (Most of Merry's size 14 collars are done up in the middle hole.) However, with this collar, it fit beautifully but in the last hole. Be sure you measure carefully before purchasing.

If we had one thing to change or improve with these collars, it would be the metal findings that fasten the charms to the collar. By necessity, a piece of metal needs to rest on the inside of the collar as well as the outside, for fastening purposes. However, we'd love to find a way to better cover this metal finding so it doesn't rub up against a dog's neck, particularly if they're a tugger when they're walking! We hope to see this improvement in the future with these collars.

You can find out more about Mon "Pet"It Chic by visiting their store in Lodi, California,

emailing them at or calling them at 209-334-6241.

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