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Product Reviews

Kashwere Bath Robe & Dog Blanket

Merry hasn't ever been a huge fan of baths; she doesn't hate them, but neither does she jump for joy when I lift her into the tub. Mostly, she just stands stock still and waits for the ritual wetting and bathing to be over so she can get to the good part: snuggling with Mommy.

The pug turns into a snuggle bunny right after bathing; I can carry her out to the sofa all wrapped up in her Ralph Lauren towels (yes, the pug has her own pink towels) and she'll fall asleep in my arms.

(Aww. Aren't you just in love?)

But the cold hard reality is that I don't always have time to snuggle the princess after a bath, and I've always felt guilty about leaving her without something warm and soft to cuddle up in.

This lovely Kashwere puppy robe and matching blanket from GW Little fit the bill perfectly, allowing me to snuggle up the pug and still get work done.

The colors of the robe are spa-like and lovely; pale, pale pink with just a touch of mint green trim. You can get your robe customized with matching mint green embroidery in a lovely modern script (the princess has "Merry" emblazoned across hers). Long velcro strips at the chest and belly fasten the robe around your pet, and these combined with the stretchiness of the material make for a great fit for a range of sizes and shapes. The robe features a rounded collar that can be laid flat on warmer days or turned up to protect their little necks from post-bath chills.

The blanket, too, is cut from the same delicious colors - half pale pink, half mint green. It's also customizable with the same embroidered script as the spa robe. This blanket is a full 30" to ensure maximum snuggling, so it's perfect for a wide variety of toy breeds.

The piece de resistance, however, with this set is the incredible feel of the Kashwere material. The company bills it as "the luxuriously soft feel of cashmere at uncashmerelike prices" -- and they're right. You've never felt anything like this. The fabric in even softer than chenille and dogs just love to cuddle into it.

The fabric is fabulous for dogs, as well. It won't shrink, pill or wrinkle; always a plus when it comes to our pooches! It's machine washable and dryable. In fact, the company recommends you dry these items in the dryer because the fabric actually activates and re-softens with the heat from the dryer.

Merry loved this set, and now seems a little less ambivalent about baths - she cuddles up in her set at my feet when I'm working or on my lap when I have time to cuddle post-bath. The blanket and the robe are fabulous singly; together, they make the ultimate spa set for your pampered pup.

Four paws up!

You can find out more about GW Little from their web site at Tell them Merry sent you!

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