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Product Reviews

Itch Relief & Grooming Kit

Article Author: Angie McKaig

When it comes to enjoying the total spa experience - I mean, really pampered from head to paw and back again - who knows better than the pug? Honestly, she's so buffed and polished, so sweet smelling and fragrant, so shiny and clean and fancy, you'd think she spent every day of her livelong life immersed in a spa experience.

Okay, that's not actually all that far from reality. Let me put it to you another way: if it does turn out that we live more than one life, I'm coming back as the pug. Because seriously. I want her life.

Our resident experts on the spa experience for pooches - happytails™ - sent along two new dog  grooming products for the princess pug to try: Itchin' for Relief, a topical spray for itchy or irritated skin, and their new Celebrity Dog Collection spa pack (which won't be available until this fall).

First up, Itchin' For Relief. This spray is, like all their products, all-natural. It contains a blend of Neem, Oat Extract, Litchi and Aloe to soothe irritation, and Boswellia Serrata and Calendula to reduce red, inflamed skin. There's even a hit of Grapefruit seed Extract which may help prevent fungal and bacterial infections (always a danger if pooch has been scratching to the point of breaking the skin).

One of the coolest features of this product is how it's applied; instead of the usual spray nozzle, this bottle comes equipped with what the company calls the "nozzler". It's a specially designed applicator that's about a 1/2 inch long and slender. When you depress the nozzle, the liquid doesn't spray everywhere but travels down the applicator. You actually "nuzzle" the applicator right up against the affected area, so that the healing liquid can actually bypass the fur and reach the skin. That's such a great idea.

To be honest, Merry doesn't have any itchy spots - nor did any of her buddies, and we asked many of them - which meant we couldn't actually test how quickly the spray works. We did test it on Merry in a few places where she might occasionally scratch, and the good news is we didn't see any irritation or scratching. The scent was a little stronger than their usual scents, presumably because of the concentration of ingredients to help "heal" the hot spots - a citrusy smell with a few other notes in there (Aloe among them).

The second product sent in for review, the Celebrity Dog Collection, is another fabulous collection of travel-sized grooming products. It contains Sparkle & Shine brightening shampoo, Shimmering Mist (an after-bath conditioning spritz that contains real sparklies!), Dog Smog Remedy which is a breath freshener and digestive solution to help the odors from both ends of your pooch, and finally Fur Breeze Aromatic Mist, which is a between-baths freshening spray.

We've covered the Sparkle & Shine shampoo, Shimmering Mist and Dog Smog in other reviews, so I won't cover those again here. The Fur Breeze is fast becoming one of my favorite scents for the pooch, and helps with the in-between-baths stinkies. It contains Sweet Orange Oil, Lemon Oil and Aloe, and smells really refreshing and sweet but mild; perfect for summer. We've used it often already before guests come to visit, or anytime she's starting to smell a little summer-dog-ripe in between baths. It may be my favorite item (other than the Sparkle & Shine shampoo) from this company overall. The selection of all four together makes a great travel kit for the pampered pooch, or (my suggestion) a fabulous gift for a new puppy or for your favorite pet owner.

You can find out more about happytails™ from their web site at

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