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Hula Skirt

Article Author: Angie McKaig

Question: How do you teach a dog how to dance the hula?

Answer: Very carefully.

Sure, Merry's a diva. She's also a party animal (if you'll pardon the pun). Honestly. At parties, she works the crowd with a skill and verve that I can only hope to emulate. And there's nothing she likes better than socializing with new people. In fact, she wants to go to school if only to be able to go on Spring Break.

With her new puppy hula skirt and flower lei from Doggy Design, she's certainly got the right outfit to hit the beach! I'll be honest. The pug doesn't know how to do the hula. But since a pug's natural gait swings that little curly tail from side to side, it's close enough. If only I could share with you a video of the puglet prancing around in this outfit, you'd die laughing.

This has got to be one of the most fun and amusing products Merry and I have ever evaluated. At first, the little bit didn't know what to make of the hula skirt, though she accepted the lei with the grace borne of a pug whose mom puts necklaces and collars and scarves around her neck day in and day out. But the skirt was just different. For one thing, it moved when she walked, and made "funny" rustling noises. As she took her first steps in the skirt, she kept darting her head backwards as if to say "what the heck is that?".

One of the best moments was when she did her typical full-body doggie shake, and that adorable curled pug tail poked up through the skirt, like a parting of the red sea. I thought I was going to fall over laughing.

The outfit is simply adorable, and very sturdy too. Most hula skirts I've seen are cheaper, with the "grass" tied to a string that circles the waist. But this has a full belly band with velcro that fastens beneath the belly, and each strand of grass (there are a lot of them - it's a very full skirt) is fastened to the thick belly band. No need to worry if the strands are going to fall off.

A note to other pug lovers: if you've got an overweight puggie, you may need to order a larger size for the waist, and just trim down the skirt length. The skirt fits Merry very well, but wouldn't fit if she gained a few pounds. Just another reason to keep that girlish figure!

Doggy Design (who also makes "regular" clothes for pets) did a great job with this ensemble. Merry and I can't wait for beach season to start!

You can find out more about Doggy Design from their web site at

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