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Hot Pink Rivet Leather Dog Collar

Article Author: Angie McKaig

A couple of months ago we received a package from The Cool Puppy. Contents: one collar, one leash, one letter.

The letter said: The 80's are back!

(And oh good lord yes they are. It's almost frightening to walk into a mall these days. Turquoise blue and hot pink together? Check. Hi-tops? Oh yeah baby. Venetian blind "sun"glasses? Ditto. Not to mention all the Michael Jackson and metal hair band stuff creeping into the music scene - kid you not, my teen stepkids love hair metal bands. Crazy insane world we live in.)

Not one to miss out on such a hot trend, The Cool Puppy has come into vogue at the same time, offering leather dog collars and leashes in a wild array of hot 80's colors.

The set they sent is called the Loki Puppy Leather Set and baby, you'd better hang on to your Jordache jeans and Rubik's Cubes, 'cause we're stepping back in time.

Hot pink leather is the basis for the Loki dog collar set; it's stitched with white contrast stitching and adorned with hollow "studs" or rivets in every color of the 80's rainbow from pale pink to turquoise, Pac-man yellow and Rubik's Cube green. (Those aren't the "official" names, folks, I'm just telling you what they look like to me.)

The collar also features a custom buckle with a brushed-silver finish and a custom Loki Puppy charm. I'm loving the customizations in this. After a while it starts to feel like every collar and leash uses the same three suppliers of hardware, so it's nice to see something different and beautiful and unique.

The leash is one-sided, made from the same soft hot pink (custom dyed) leather. It, too, has a dressing of colored rivets and also a custom metal piece that hooks the leash to the hand strap.

The leather is incredibly soft. But if you've got a 15 lb. or more big tugger on the end of your leash at home, you might want to keep these collars for shorter walks. The leather is gorgeous and super-soft but also not very thick (really thick, really soft leather is hard to find - the softer it is, usually, the thinner) which means over time your pup might pull a little harder on the leather than I'd feel comfortable with. Don't get me wrong - the construction is rock solid and the softness is a plus, folks - but by the same token, I don't know if I'd trust my rambunctious Boston (not that I have one) on this for hours on end. But that's just me. I'm paranoid.

Regardless, it's clear to say that as much as we loved the 80's - we're loving this newer, (hopefully) wiser version even more, and that goes for the collar and lead set from The Cool Puppy. It's hot and colorful, just like the 80's - but of rather more use and utility, plus far better made, than many products popular back then!

You can find out more about The Cool Puppy from their web site at

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