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Hoodie and Denim Dog Vest

If there is one doggie designer out of Tokyo that you've likely heard about, it's Puppia. Naturally, since the princess pug is nothing if not up on her latest designers, she was drooling at the thought of getting her pretty little paws on some of their clothing line.

After all, how can you be the world's most designer diva pug if you don't have the latest designers hanging in your closet?

Luckily, Puppia came through in style, sending along two items from their spring/summer line for the princess to don and trot about in.

The first item out of the box was the stunning denim dog vest. This, honestly, was so darn cute that I squealed louder than the pug. It looks just like a people jacket, complete with silver snaps at the chest, decorative denim pieces at the sides held down with more snaps, a little denim collar, and contrasting gold stitching. The color is a very dark blue denim.

Merry's bar-none favorite feature, however, was the red embroidery over the back (it says Puppia Tokyo). It was a great little "pop" of colour and allowed us to team the vest with a red patent collar. Tres chic.

Other pug and broader-chest dog owners should note, however, that Puppia styles - particularly the items in non-stretchy materials like denim - run small, particularly over the chest. Merry's vest doesn't quite do up (the last two buttons are just a little shy of meeting), but that's OK - she wears it open like all the "cool" girls do anyway. For reference, Merry wears a size XL in this style.

The other item, a sporty yellow hooded tee, is our hands-down favorite. Unlike so many tees made for dogs, this hoodie ia a nice, thick, soft cotton. It's actually a thick enough weight to get her through some of the fall (which, I can tell you, the princess has enjoyed tremendously). The hoodie is adorable, the workmanship is tremendous, and the fit (since it's a stretchier fabric) fits her - if you'll pardon the pun - to a tee.

Merry was incredibly impressed by the Puppia line - so much so that we've ordered a winter coat in (can you guess?) pink. Keep your eyes on the Merrylog for photos of this coat when we get it in.

Four paws, two thumbs waaaaay up!

You can find out more about Puppia from their web site. Tell them Merry sent you!

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