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Hooded Dog Dress and Pantsuit

Article Author: Angie McKaig

Just when I think I've seen everything that Wooflink can come up with, they surprise me again. Mixing up styles, mixing up fabrics... the thing I love best about this company, aside from their too-cute designs and their incredible quality, is that they never rest on their laurels. No making a single style and cranking it out over and over again for years, for these folks! Like true fashionistas, they design different styles for different seasons, always trying something new.

If you haven't tried them yet, let me promise you: you're in for a treat.

The two styles they sent along with this package were the I Rock, It's Sports Day Dog Dress and the Luxx Pooch Dog Pantsuit.

The first piece, the Luxx Pooch Dog Pantsuit, has already become my new favorite Wooflink piece. First - and this is no surprise to those of you who have been reading my reviews for years - it's a pantsuit, and I stand by my belief that nothing, but nothing looks cuter on a small dog's hiney than pants. I don't care if they're a little odd to outsiders or seem superfluous or are superfluous... they're cute. Dang cute. They make you want to go up and snuggle that fur bunny to your chest.

But beyond that, this is also the cutest dang pantsuit that Merry's ever tried. And that's even when stacked up against other Wooflink pantsuits.

Allow me to explain. Collar: black, jaunty, slightly Parisian with its off-center charm, and bedecked with gold rivets that say "Wooflink". A jaunty pink velour bow on the left of

the collar. Bodice: black and white polka dots (so beyond fabulous) with pink edging sewn on the arm hole openings (similar to a tank top). A hot pink, flocked (oh, yes, fabulously flocked) hot pink ornate W and the word "Woof" over the back of the bodice. Waist: a jaunty pink faux sash with bow, and a black & white polka dot "skirt" blousing over the pants. Pants: black ribbbed cotton covered in black lace ruffles.

Seriously folks, pay attention here because that's the most gorgeous and fabulous part of the whole outfit: black lace ruffled pants. So cute.

The pants are edged with the same pink edging and then cuffed with white eyelet lace ruffles.

I cannot think of a cuter outfit for the pug. Period. I almost swooned when I took this out of its package.

Weight-wise, this thing's probably a little too heavy for summer (the pants are quite thick due to the lace) but spot-on perfect for spring and fall. Merry gets SO much attention in this outfit, she absolutely adores it.

If you love black and pink and polka dots and don't own this pantsuit yet, guess what your next purchase should absolutely, positively be? You better believe it.

Almost anything would seem to be playing second fiddle to the glowing review above, but I did honestly love the I Rock, It's Sports Day dress pictured above. It's a fun fusion of sporty sweatshirt and dress - the kind of thing you'd expect to wear for a Sunday playing fetch or hanging out in the park.

Made from a patchwork of medium-weight non-lined sweatshirt material, the "jacket" portion features black sleeves with turquoise contrast stitching, a three-patch hood made of two turquoise patches and one black, a bodice made of hot pink-with-burgundy-stars material, a gathered adjustable waist of plain black cloth and a patchwork skirt of plain turquoise, hot pink and black fabrics.

And then - because this is the thing that makes Wooflink items truly unique - we have the decor.

The back is embellished with the word "punk" (four differently colored letters) made from rhinestone bling, and a white screenprinted skull and cross bones. The tie at the waist is yellow. The skirt is covered with turquoise contrast stitching and words like "Cool" and "Peace". The chest features two rhinestone hearts.

Because even when you're being sporty, it's still all about the bling.

What I liked best about this was its casualness - it's perfect for playtime, it's super soft and comfy and could even double as an doggie outfit for naptime. Love the ribbed arm cuffs, too. It's a wonderfully sporty ensemble that still has a little bit of the girly thrown in, which is exactly as it should be.

Once again, Wooflink's got you covered. We continue to be really impressed with their workmanship, quality and design.

You can find out more about Wooflink from their web site at

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