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Hollywood Dog Toys

Article Author: Angie McKaig

Whether you (try desperately to) ignore the media frenzy surrounding Hollywood and its stars or gobble up every tabloid magazine you can get your hands on, it's pretty hard to deny that for better or worse, our love affair with all things Star-like isn't going away anytime soon. We all know their names, their faces - and they're a part of the whole "Movie" experience. (Our resident princess, Merry, knows it's just a matter of time till she's "discovered" and makes a splash in Hollywood way bigger than those blonde starlets you're always seeing. She's got moxie, she explains, and that will carry the day. She's also ready for her closeup. Mr Demille? Hello?)

Haute Diggity Dog, the fabulously brilliant folks behind some of the most ingenious dog toys out there, have decided to wow us yet again with an entire collection of dog toys devoted to our love of movies and their stars.

The collection is huge - 20 toys in all, which guarantees there will be something for everyone. The six toys the folks from Haute Diggity sent along were (in order from left to right, first two photos):

  1. Movie Ticket
  2. Pupcorn
  3. Entertainmutt Weekly Magazine
  4. Doggy Depp
  5. Pugnelope Cruz
  6. Brad Pitbull

Like all Haute Diggity toys, the one stand-out feature here is detail, and plenty of it. It's the details - usually embroidered - in these small toys that make them such charming items to give a dog - they make great conversation pieces for the "adults" in the room. :) For instance:

  • The Entertainmutt Weekly Magazine dog toy features a "photo" of "Bark Nicholson" as well as a feature on the 25 "Most Intriguing Dogs". It also features exclusive "Interviews" with Bone-O, Justin Timberlick, and a story on "My Ear Job Nightmare".
  • The Doggy Depp dog toy comes complete with a Pirate Hat, bandana, braids and a goatee.
  • The Pupcorn dog toy features a very "traditional" popcorn container design and the "pupcorn" on top is made of soft textured fleece specially cut to resemble popcorn.
  • The Movie Ticket dog toy is from "Grrrommin's Chinese Crested Theatre" and admits one to Good Dog Barking... playing at Theatre K9.

The quality, as with all Haute Diggity toys, is excellent. These are all soft, quality plush toys (most are perfectly good for all but the tiniest of pets) with great noisy squeakers inside. But we'll be honest - it's the designs that keep us coming back for more from this company. The breadth of designs available, the quality of the work, the attention to detail are all incredible - and we love the tongue-in-cheek 'tude of both the toys, and their designers. We also love that a small portion of the proceeds from the sale of these toys will be donated towards no-kill shelters across the USA.

Seriously, these soft pet toys are brilliantly designed and imagined. Perfect for the "People" or "Star Weekly" devotee on your Christmas list.

We can't wait to see what's next. Every time we think Haute Diggity Dog can't possibly top themselves again, they do - and we love watching what they come up with!

You can find out more about Haute Diggity Dog from their web site at

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