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Hipster Dog Hoodies

Article Author: Angie McKaig

With such a sweet face, such an adorable disposition, I'm sure that none of you think the princess pug could possibly be a Rocker. Come on - she wears gowns and ruffles and lace. Her signature color is pink, for goodness sake. How could she possibly relate to, much less be, a little furry rocker at heart?

Easily, let me tell you. First, as any pug owner will tell you, the biggest trait all pugs share with rockers is a stubborn independence and desires to be the center of attention.

But it doesn't stop there. The best way to see the princess's rocker side is to start up some good rock 'n roll on the speakers - especially something wth lots of drum and bass guitar. That's how she knows it's playtime! She's up out of her bed and scrambling for a ball before the first chorus.

What this means: the princess pug, despite her cultured and frou-frouy moments, is the ideal pup to try out two of K9 Duds' new rocker hoodies.

First up, the K9 Rocker hoodie. It comes in a fabulous iceberg dyed waffle cotton (iceberg dyed? That sounds so awesome. I couldn't find more info from the company on this but it sounds so fun. And involving travel. We're up for a trip!) in the most gorgeous shade of green.

The back design features a large cross with three skulls (one with a red bandana), two wings and the word "rocker" in blood red across the center. It's hysterical.

Like the K9 Duds hoodies we've reviewed in the past, the belly is notched to allow comfy wear for boys or girls. There's a stitched collar hole opening at the base of the hood so you can "hide" the collar if you like. And the fit is gorgeous. I love their waffle cotton hoodies, because it really drapes well and fits boxy-style.

The other hoodie, Rock & Love, is also 100% cotton with a slightly different weave - they call it "thermal". It's soft and cuddly.

Rock & Love features a pink heart, the words Rock & Love, a skull and crossbones, and a ring of bling - stones set into the shirt - around the words.

If I had one thing to change about the designs: I miss having larger, functional hoods. These hoods are smaller and decorative - mind you, that's perfect for a pooch that gets annoyed by too much fabric around their neck, so that's probably a good thing for some folks. But I find the larger, functional hoods just cuter, and occasionally useful (we'll tuck the hood over the pug's head to encourage her to calm down/snuggle/have a nap).

But the folks at K9 Duds have continued to impress with their high quality work - all their shirts are made in the USA - and the cute, themed designs. If your little dog is a rocker too, they can't go wrong with these hoodies.

You can find out more about K9 Duds from their web site at

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