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Product Reviews

Hipster Dog Coat

Do I really need to tell any of you at this point that Merry's a diva?

Of course she is. She's a fashion maven the likes of which the world has never seen. The puglet is a clothes horse of the highest order, and there's nothing that makes her little curly tail wag more than new clothing.

So, of course, she was very excited to receive the package from Jasper and Lenore showing off one of their newest coat designs: a corduroy fall/spring jacket for dogs with a very diva-esque faux fur collar.

In fact, the princess insisted we go for a walk immediately so we could show off her new duds. But I digress.

The coat is just plain fun. So much so that I wish I could get a matching one for myself! Lightweight corduroy in a deliciously dark shade of brown is matched with a faux fur collar in brilliant orange. You've got to love the color combination. It's pure 1970's. Too fun.

As with the other Jasper and Lenore coats we've reviewed, this fit like a dream - both the velcro over the chest and the velcro strip beneath the belly fit perfectly. If you own a pug, this is another great line of clothing to try for an excellent fit (assuming, of course, that your puglet isn't too chubby). The workmanship has even improved since our last review - not that it was bad before, but with these new coats you can definitely tell that you're buying a very high quality piece.

The only thing I'd change about the coat is the lining. While it's nice and soft against Merry's skin, it's an unfortunate red color. I would have likely chosen an orange to match the fur. But it's a small detail, since you rarely see the lining.

Merry is very, very happy with her new hip coat. She seems to make new friends every time she wears it. Good thing it was built to last, because I have a feeling she'll want to wear it often!

You can find out more about Jasper and Lenore from their web site

at Tell them Merry sent you!

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