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Product Reviews

Diva Dog T-Shirt

I've used many names to describe Merry within this site—princess, pumpkin, etc. You can never be called by too many endearments, Merry always says. But let's face it. If you're a regular here, you already know Merry is a closet diva who isn't in the closet about it. The bigger, the better, the more ostentatious, the better. The better, the better.

So when the folks at Hip Doggie sent along a t-shirt for Merry to evaluate, I had to laugh at their very apt choice: they sent along their “diva” style.

The t-shirt is well made from a good, thick cotton/lycra blend. It's two-toned; light grey and red. The red's a lovely cherry color, enough blue in the red to make it really pop. There's nothing worse than the selection of orange-y reds that you normally find for dog clothes. I prefer a good, solid, bluish red any day.

The back of the t-shirt is really its crowning glory, though. In block letters over the back, rhinestones spell out the name DIVA.

A more perfect statement for Merry I cannot imagine.

It's also cut a little more cleverly than most dog t-shirts on the market today. When I slid the t-shirt over Merry's head, I could tell right away it was going to fit far better than most of the t-shirts she's worn before. My biggest pet peeve with t-shirts is they're so often cut so that the front collar rides low on their breastbone. Not so with the Hip Doggie t-shirt.

It fit snugly, hugging Merry exactly where it should. Even better, it didn't need a band of tighter material at the bottom to snug it to her body. It fits just like ladies' t-shirts do; snug across the shoulders and chest, with a little bit more room around the waist. Bravo to Hip Doggie for coming up with a design that fits so smartly.

And of course, the fact that she looks adorable in it helps a lot, too.

Mom (that's me) likes the fact that the t-shirt is machine washable. With the way Merry sheds, that's always helpful.

Hip Doggie t-shirts come with several different messages or designs—stars, DIVA, EVIL, SPOILED—and in a variety of styles and colors. Sadly, though, the shirts are not available in a solid black, solid red, or solid white. It's very tough to find good plain color t-shirts for dogs, and I hope that Hip Doggie considers expanding their line to allow for solid colors as well.

Hip Doggie is expanding into jackets, sweatshirts and dog beds. Let's hope they bring the same brilliant cuts and quality of workmanship into those products, as well. It will be fun to see what designers Lorena Costino and Suyu Kim come up with next.

Hip Doggie products can be purchased direct from the company at Tell them Merry sent you!

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