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Hand Smocked Dog Dress

Article Author: Angie McKaig

How precious is your little princess? If anyone asked me how precious Meredith is, I'd have to search high and low to find the right words. She may just be the truest love of my life.

When your princess means that much, you want only the best for them. Apparently, the folks at Oscar Newman feel the same way. Their Mariposa hand-smocked dress is literally one of the finest-made garments we've ever laid eyes on, much less reviewed.

A soft cotton puppy dress that brings to mind springtime, sunshine and flowers blooming, the Mariposa is also a marvel of detailed beadwork and hand-fashioned style. The stretchy bodice features tiny honeycombs and hand-embroidered pin tucks highlighted with sparkling iridescent sequins. The honeycomb section is topped with an adorable butterfly applique which is hand-cut, embroidered and beaded by hand with crystal bars. The pin tuck section are decorated with hand-embroidered flowers in delicate pastel shades (pink, blue, yellow and lilac).

The bodice gets its "stretch" from hand-smocking, a very labor intensive process traditionally used in heirloom pieces. Its pleating creates a natural elasticity.

In other words, wow. This is attention to detail and workmanship the likes of which you have probably never seen before in pet apparel. It's truly stunning.

The dress also features lightly flounced cap sleeves and a gathered skirt which is finished with a dainty ruffle. Both cap sleeves and ruffle are lilac-colored eyelet cotton finished with a white eyelet trim.

The front of the dress fastens with a teardrop-shaped opening at the throat. It closes at the top with a pearl button.

The fit is surprisingly generous, thanks to the quality work in the bodice. It's a style that would work well for a good range of body shapes, from slender to the squarer pug build. :)

Merry really took to the open design of this dress. Unlike other dress designs which can be occasionally restrictive, this little wonder actually is a very dog-friendly design clothes. No tight spots, to restrictive areas, all free and loose and flowing. Keeping her freedom of movement means that the princess pug enjoys toddling around in her heirloom Oscar Newman and still looks like butter won't melt in her mouth.

And darling! You've never seen your little one look so tiny or cute as she will in this flouncy, detailed dress. It's a real charmer, the type of thing you'd put on her to win friends, influence people, ask for a raise... hey, you never know. Folks would be so enamored of your furkid that you just might get that raise, no questions asked.

If you're a pet lover like me, you're probably thinking about generations of dogs in your home - and this is one dress which will definitely be worth hanging on to and passing down to future furkid generations. It's a work of art. And I don't say that often.

You can find out more about GW Little from their web site at

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