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Handknit Dog Sweaters

Article Author: Angie McKaig

There are some truly crazy people out there who love the heat, love the humidity, love wandering around in a few strips of barelythere and would live under palm trees if they could (not that LA's planting them anymore, but you know what I mean). I think they're all crazy. Pugs were a perfect choice for me because I have precisely the same problems that pugs do in the heat - I'm grouchy, I get overheated easily, and basically my body acts as though I have fur all over anyway. That also means that while summer is already here (the temperature outside as I write this is a horrifying 84/93 with humidity), I can start dreaming of the day when the world cools down and the pug and I can spend more time outside.

Because, you know, fall means chunky sweaters! And the princess and I - we're all about the chunky sweaters.

Luckily, so are the wonderful folks at Boutique of Paws who decided to get us in the mood for fall early this year with a package of not one but two adorable chunky handknit puppy sweaters. Let's be straight: these are not lightweight spring sweaters (unless your tiny pup shivers in the summer). They're bulkier than that, which makes them perfect for cold spring days, cool fall days, or even warmer winter days.

The first style we'll talk about is the Baby Bumblebee (one of nearly 30 different designs the company makes). The soft baby blue color makes it a perfect match for boys or girls. Both the collar and the waist are accented with white - one of many extra touches you'll find in these sweaters.

The back is festooned with a large bumblebee knit applique, complete with pale yellow and black stripes, a dark black stinger and white knit wings. It even features 3D "feelers" which are thin strips of ribbon. Around the collar, you'll find the same ribbon threaded - a thin black ribbon with white polka dots - for another design touch. The ribbon ends in a tied bow topped by a white flower-shaped button (you might say, the "flower" that's attracting the bee).

The second style is the Pink Posie sweater - a unique style whose back is made mostly with variegated pink cuddly-soft chenille. The collar, sleeves, underbody and a thin strip around the waist are from thicker white knit. We loved the accents at the edge of the collar and sleeves - an echo again of the variegated chenille. This sweater's special touches include a large white flower with sea glass beads in the center and a thin pink ribbon threaded through the neck and tied in a jaunty bow off center, topped with a plain white button.

Both sweaters fit a little shorter, on purpose - rather than hitting at the tail, they end just after the ribcage. This makes the style perfect for boys and girls alike.

Workmanship was excellent - they really do look like the kind of sweaters you'd commission for custom work from a trusted craftsman. All without having to pay custom prices. Also, I feel WAY less guilty not knowing how to knit a sweater for Merry now that we've found this company!

We loved both pieces - they were cuddly, warm and made the princess start pestering me for the start of fall. While we did love the chenille, we have to admit the Bumblebee, with its lower "pile", ended up looking more slimming on the princess. :) If you worry about such things, not to worry - there are a ton of Boutique of Paws styles without the chenille!

Can't wait to see what new designs the company comes up with next!

You can find out more about Boutique of Paws from their web site at

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