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Handcrafted Dog ID Tags

Article Author: A Merryvaluation

As luxury pet products become more and more common, those with an eye for a true cachet begin to look for something unique, something custom, something your pet can call their own.

Our little furkids are, after all, as unique and individual as snowflakes. Why shouldn't their wearables be, as well?

This is where Sally Harrel's custom made "works of art" in an ID Tag comes in. The piece she designed for little miss Merry was absolutely adorable.

Sally is an artist and metalsmith, and designs each piece herself. Using fun and personality-infused typefaces, Sally chooses a design for the lettering on the tag that best suits your dog. The design is then hand-etched into the beautifully made nickel silver tag (which is twice as thick as ordinary tags).

Personal contact info is hand-stamped into the back of the tag (for our sample, Sally used our URL, which you can see in the bottom photo). The tag is finished with a copper rivet and two connected jump rings for extra strength.

The tags come in two different sizes to allow for smaller and larger dogs - a .75" version for smaller pets, and a full 1" version for larger ones.

The workmanship is wonderful; Sally calls these a "piece of art", and she's absolutely right.

If we had one thing to change about these pieces: the connected jump rings are nice, but very small, and there's no additional clasp of any kind to attach the tag to either a collar or a thicker dog necklace. Given the care and attention that goes into creating these tags, it gives them a slightly unfinished feel. Yes, you can absolutely go out and purchase from any store the clasps needed to finish the piece and connect it to a collar, but in the end it's akin to buying a precious piece of art without the frame (the finishing touch). We hope connectors or clasps are available in the future!

Update: Sally contacted us to let us know that as a result of our review, she will now be enclosing a split ring AND and S hook with every tag for the customer to chose from!

The dog ID tags from Sally Harrell are a wonderfully designed custom piece to add to your pet's collection.

You can find out more about Sally Harrell from their web site at

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