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Denim Dog Bed & Pillow from for the love of pete!

Article Author: Dog Bed Review - A Merryvaluation

Merry's Grandma will tell you that she remembers the days when jeans were only worn by farmers, and denim was something that you wore when you didn't want to get your good clothes dirty. Fast forward to 2005, and denim is still hotter than ever. Of course, $40 Levis are no longer as popular (unless they're vintage) but denim - be it vintage or brand new, is very, very popular and no longer the domain of the severely underdressed.

Which is we we were thrilled with the funky, retro-looking denim patch dog bed sent in by for the love of pete!. It's high fashion, it's highly comfy, and really, denim. How can you go wrong with that?

The bed is a delightful collage of denim pieces sewn together (we're not sure if the pieces are all vintage, but some look worn that way, which is fun), complete with a few pockets and seams. Lots of different colors of denim break up the blue monotony - there's stonewashed, acid washed, faded, and more here. Tiny square of what almost feels like felt (in blues and tans) are sewn to the top of each patch. It's a cute decorative touch, and also helps to give the bed a bit of texture so it's less likely to go skidding across the floor. The dog bed is finished off with a white and blue piping.

And this baby is plush. Filled with a hypoallergenic poly-fil insert, the bed is more than cushy enough for your dog's comfort, even if they're getting a little long in the fang. Since the princess is most definitely a creature of comfort, she took to the bed like a duck to water (you're shocked, we know). Both cover and insert are machine-washable.

You also have the option of ordering the bed with an herbal blend added to the poly-fil insert; not sure if that affects the washability.

In addition to the bed, the kind folks at for the love of pete! also sent along a small body pillow filled with the herbal scent so we could test it for ourselves. It was light, and not too pungent, but definitely stronger than you'd want if you suffer from allergies. We're still working at deciphering the scents inside. (We're terrible at decoding scents!) If you have allergies, be sure to ask before purchasing.

And finally, they also threw in a cute little tin of make-your-own natural doggie treats. The princess was dismayed she'd have to wait until we stirred a batch together and baked them - but she enjoyed sitting beside the oven until they were done, so we don't think she was too traumatized. Several biscuits later, she seemed miraculously recovered.

We're digging on the new stuff from for the love of pete! (particularly the awesome bed)! Highly recommended.

You can find out more about for the love of pete! from their web site at

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