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XX-Large Grey Thundershirt

XX-Large Grey Thundershirt

Our Price: $39.95



Does your dog get nervous or anxious during storms, when company comes over or when moving? If so, this Thundershirt is for your dog to keep him/her calm and feeling safe. The Thundershirt wraps around their torso to give them a supportive feeling that helps to calm their nerves.

The calming Grey Thundershirt is the answer you are looking for when it comes to your dog's anxiety.  What you get is a calm and happy doggie, just the way you want them to be.

Works for:

  • Thunderstorms
  • Car Rides
  • Fire Works
  • Much more!

Thundershirt has been proven to work with a 85% success rate of dogs showing significant improvement of anxiety symptoms.  The exact reason why pressure works to calm is unknown, however it is speculated that pressure calms the nervous system according to expert Dr. Temple Grandin.  The method of using gentle and consistent pressure to calm has been a common practice for years, because it works.  If you are not satisfied with this product, we will refund your purchase.

See YouTube videos of the Thundershirt.

While the Thundershirt is adjustable, this is one dog clothing item, where smaller/tighter will be better than larger.

  • From real world experience, we know with certainty that Thundershirt DOES WORK. That is why we are able to offer a money-back guarantee. A survey of Thundershirt users shows that over 85% of dogs show significant improvement in anxiety symptoms when using Thundershirt.
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