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Dog Wedding Collars, Leashes, & Clothes

Weddings, whether yours or your dog’s, are a special time and you need to make sure you have that special apparel. At Pampered Puppy, we make this easy with a great selection of dog wedding clothes and accessories.

Dog tuxedos and wedding dresses are very popular for their variety. They are great for doggie groomsmen, ring bearers, and pictures. The tuxedos and dog wedding dresses are

If your dog will not wear an outfit, try other wedding accessories such as a wedding collar or leash. These easy to wear items will be great for any sized dog and will look great in pictures!

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Don Draper Dog Vest
Don Draper Dog Vest Price: $49.99
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3 Row Pearl Necklace
3 Row Pearl Necklace Price: $17.99
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Bentley Dog Bow Tie
Bentley Dog Bow Tie Price: $24.99
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We are dedicated to providing you with the best products, and we know we can provide you with the very best in dog retail. Offering you the chance to purchase high quality clothing, accessories and toys, you can be sure that we have your best interests in mind. With competitive prices and quality products, we’re sure to please.
More people than ever are getting their dog involved with their wedding ceremony. Why? Well, because dogs are a part of the family too! If you’re planning on getting married sometime soon, and you’d love to have your dog involved with the wedding, then you’ve come to the right place. We can offer you everything from a dog tuxedo, wedding collars to dog neckties.

Our dog tuxedo outfits are of the highest quality. Tailored professionally and in a range of sizes, you can be sure that Jack Russells and Greyhounds alike will be able to take part in your wedding wearing a quality tux. We even have clothes for puppies like the puppy tuxedo

Not only are dogs often brought to weddings as guests these days, it’s even becoming popular to incorporate the dog into the proceedings of the wedding. Of course, one of the most popular roles for dogs is ring bearer, and for this special role, we even have a special ring bearing outfit. This includes a suit or a dog wedding dress, and a pouch for the wedding rings that fits around your dog’s neck. Your dock will walk down the aisle with a friend or member of family, and bear the ring for you and your loved one.

What’s more, if you want your dog to be a bridesmaid, then we have everything you need as well. Our dog wedding attire expands into dog wedding dresses, which look absolutely fantastic and add a touch of humor to the wedding.

Dog wedding outfits are available all over the Internet, but we pride ourselves on providing only the very best gear for your bitch or dog. What’s the point in incorporating your dog into the wedding if you’re only going to purchase a poor quality and poorly-made outfit? Dogs can’t be as careful as us, they’re boisterous and active, which is why a high quality and well-made dog wedding outfit is required. Otherwise, you’ll see the dog wedding dress or dog tuxedo ripped up and ruined in no time at all!

So if you’re looking to purchase attire for your dog or bitch, whether they’re going to be ring bearer, a guest or even a bridesmaid, we haven everything you need. From dog wedding collars to dog wedding dresses, you’ll find the lot here. We’re everything that you could ask for, and more.

If you have any queries about our products, do feel free to get in touch with us too. Our friendly members of staff will be willing to help

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