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Home » Toys » Durable Dog Toys » Stegosaurus DinoSaurs Dog Toy

Stegosaurus DinoSaurs Dog Toy

Stegosaurus DinoSaurs Dog Toy

Our Price: $52.70



These massive herbivores roamed the Earth in a time long past, but their presence still lives on!  Give your pooch a toy that is as durable as it's long lost ancestor.  Stegosauruses were covered in tough scales and had large spikes on their backs for protection.  In it's dog toy version, it is covered in a purple, scale like fabric and has spikes for an interesting twist on regular dog toys.  This dino friend is sure to be a worthy opponent in many doggy battles. 

Please Note: Due to the intricate construction, the Dinosaur Series are not guaranteed.


  • Tuff scale - 7
  • Good for medium to large sized dogs
  • Dimensions - 30" x 7" x 16"
  • Squeakers- 4
  • Recommended and approved by veterinarians

Caution: This toy is durable, but not indestructible.  Take responsibility for your pet by watching your dog as they play with their new toy.  It is not a chew toy, but a play toy.  Prolonged chewing can tear the toy, and if your dog ingests any part, they can be injured. 

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