Dog nail file device

20080701s.jpg No dog wants to go to a gala opening with her nails overgrown. The Peticure tool is here, so no dog will have to. Brings spa-level care into your doghouse. This is a gentle filing device, no sudden cuts. The filing drum with filing band design eliminates projectile nail debris, abrasions and accidental hair winding. Nothing turns a sweet doggy into a real bitch faster than accidental hair winding, after all. We love the company’s instructions about how to position your K-9 for a Peticure nail filing session: “If your dog protests or struggles DO NOT LET HIM OR HER GO and win the exchange.” Our dogs are simply too refined and well-mannered to ever even think about trying to win an exchange with us, but we can see where it might happen with other people’s pooches. Peticure is also sold in a petite size, perfect for papillons.

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