Squeakless dog toy

Let’s say you’ve made lovely preparations for a romantic dinner for two in your home. Your date couldn’t be more charming, and even brought you a white cala lilly in a Tiffany vase. You would have preferred a Cartier necklace of diamonds and rubies, but it’s the thought that counts. Just as you toast with glasses of Chateauneuf du Pape wine, your dog in the kitchen starts making a racket with her squeak toy. You couldn’t be more thrilled, right? NOT! This is why you need the Slobber-Wick Squeakless Buddy from Planet Dog (Established 1997). The company notes that the product is imported but doesn’t say from where. It is machine washable. But best of all, it doesn’t make your date worry that if you get married you’ll pay more attention to your dog than to your partner. Wink, wink. We all know that our dogs are the best partners we have. Nothing against people, mind you!

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