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Home » Toys » Durable Dog Toys » Pteradactyl DinoSaurs Dog Toy

Pteradactyl DinoSaurs Dog Toy

Pteradactyl DinoSaurs Dog Toy

Our Price: $36.40



Perched in preparation for a great flight, this ancient, birdlike creature stirs up a wave of excitement in your pooch.  Each wing contains a squeaker, and this Pterodactyl toy is meant for rowdy dog play.  Send this toy soaring through the air and watch your dog catch it with the look of success on their face. 

Due to the detailed construction, the Dinosaur Series cannot be guaranteed.


  • Tuff Scale- 8
  • Meant medium to large sized dogs
  • Dimensions- 19" x 26" x 11"
  • Squeakers- 0

Mighty Toy Make Up:  Don't be fooled by their soft construction, these toys are built strong.  Their strength comes from their multiple layers of flexible materials, yet they have no hard edges.  This is perfect for chewers who need to kick their bad habit.  Without the hard edges, these toys discourage chewing.  With a plush exterior and a sturdy interior, this will be your pup's new best friend!

Caution: This toy is durable, but not indestructible.  Take responsibility for your pet by watching your dog as they play with their new toy.  It is not a chew toy, but a play toy.  Prolonged chewing can tear the toy, and if your dog ingests any part, they can be injured.

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