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Soft & Cuddly Plush Toys for Dogs

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Kangaroo Dog Toy
Kangaroo Dog Toy Price: $11.99
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Lady Bug Dog Toy
Lady Bug Dog Toy Price: $9.99
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Lamb Chop Dog Toy
Lamb Chop Dog Toy Price: $11.99
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Mac the Shark Dog Toy
Mac the Shark Dog Toy Price: $19.99
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Birthday Gift Dog Toy
Birthday Gift Dog Toy Price: $15.99
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Mary the Lamb Dog Toy
Mary the Lamb Dog Toy Price: $16.99
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Cosmuttpolitan Price: $15.99
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Birthday Cake Dog Toy
Birthday Cake Dog Toy Price: $16.99
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Mr. Bill Dog Toy
Mr. Bill Dog Toy Price: $11.99
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Octupus Dog Toy
Octupus Dog Toy Price: $11.99
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Plush Toys For Dogs

A plush puppy toy is the perfect way to welcome a new playful pup into your home. Plush toys for dogs are similar to stuffed animals for people; dogs find comfort in them as well as amusement. There is sure to be a plush dog toy available that will appeal to your dog, as there are so many types to choose from. Bring home a few different plush dog toys to meet all of your playful pup’s emotional and physical needs.

There are plush toys designed for all sizes and breeds of dogs, and designed for different personalities. Some dogs like to carry plush toys around all the time, others like to shake and throw them. Many grow very attached and take their plush toys to bed to snuggle with them every night.

While the plush toys are very soft and cuddly, bringing the dog comfort, they also must be well crafted in order to withstand playtime with your dog. Plush puppy toys are made of durable fabrics and constructed with your dog in mind. These toys are not meant for the aggressive chewers, but will hold up to the average light chewers.

If you are concerned about your dog ripping the toy apart, making a mess, or eating parts of the toy, a stuffing free plush toy may be the option for you. These toys are still soft and amusing for the dog, but they are stuffing free and made of high quality fabrics that are more difficult for your dog to rip apart. These toys are more suitable for dogs that like to play tug-of-war with their toys. If your dog is on overly powerful destructive chewer, however, you may want to forgo the plush toys for a durable chew toy.

Even though plush toys are often chosen by your dog for comfort and as a companion toy, they also give the dog plenty of physical activity. Plush toys are great for games of fetch; some dogs like to throw them around, chase, and catch them by themselves. Plush dog toys are an excellent way to alleviate your dog’s boredom, keep them physically active, and help them with anxiety.


If you have a dog that is frequently anxious, who barks or shakes a lot, a plush dog toy could be a great comfort for them. The toy could provide them with a sense of closeness, be a mechanism for them to bond with you or other dogs with, or it could entertain and mentally stimulate them. Many of the plush toys have squeakers in them to easily keep the dog’s attention and amuse them. If your dog is easily amused by sounds, they will enjoy this type of toy.


Plush toys are a great way to make your dog happy and provide them with exercise. There are plush puppy toys that will appeal to your dog on an emotional as well as physical level. Plush toys for dogs are an excellent tool when training or developing a stronger bond with your dog. 

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