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Contest Winners

1st Place Winner
Prize:Buddy Belt Harness
Courtesy of: Buddy Belts

Photographer: Stacy Lafantaisie
GG’s Photographers say "GG is our spunky girl who loves to dig in the garden and cuddle on the couch. She\'s been our Christmas Card model since her very first Christmas. Everyone can\'t wait to get her new card each year. She\'s the perfect model."


2nd Place Winner
Courtesy of: Pampered Puppy

Photographer: Curtis Wheat
Lucy’s Photographers say "My wife and I rescued this little 5 week old Gem! Not doing well being away from her mother she seems to be doing very well on the bottle. I just love the way she is looking up at my wife as she eats!!!"


3rd Place Winner
Prize:Nina Ottosson Dog Casino
Courtesy of: For My Best Pal

Photographer: Erin Vallee
Sadie’s Photographers say "Sadie is a happy dog who has changed my life. I got Sadie as a six month-old puppy when I needed something to brighten my life, and she has done that and more! She is in training for her therapy certification so we can spread the love for those who need i"


4th Place Winner
Prize:Hennessy & Sons Dog Collar
Courtesy of: Pampered Puppy

Photographer: Angela Green
Dulce’s Photographers say "When we adopted Dulce 2 years ago, she had no idea what she was in for! She\'s traveled to more places with us, including overseas, than some people do in their lifetime. Just look at that smile... how could we ever leave her behind? She is our perfect"


5th Place Winner
Prize:$50 Gift Certificate
Courtesy of: Small Dog Mall

Macy Faith
Photographer: Pamela Cummings
Macy Faith’s Photographers say "Macy is a typically spoiled-rotten little shih tzu! I believe that she truly does not know she is a dog...she thinks she is one of the kids in our home. <3 This picture was taken before her visit to see Santa Claus!"


6th Place Winner
Prize:$50 Gift Certificate
Courtesy of: Poochieheaven

Photographer: Carlie Stark
Nigel’s Photographers say "Nigel is 8months old, and full of life! He loves to be chase and be chased. He is a great puppy!"


7th Place Winner
Prize:Dog Collar & Lead
Courtesy of: Mimi Green

Photographer: Ronald Orlando
Lefty’s Photographers say "Fresh and loves to play!"


8th Place Winner
Prize:FouFou Travel Set
Courtesy of: FouFou Dog

Amelia Mae
Photographer: Cassie Kirkner
Amelia Mae’s Photographers say "Amelia Mae, \"Millie\", is a 1 year old red Boston Terrier who thinks she is a princess."


9th Place Winner
Prize:ID Bar Pet Tag
Courtesy of: Calling All Dogs

Photographer: KIM ROBERTSON
Bayley’s Photographers say "I am a very much loved, spoiled, and pampered puppy. I come HIGH maintenance. Lovin my life!"


10th Place Winner
Prize:Bully Sticks
Courtesy of: Pampered Puppy

Photographer: lindsay shafer
Mia’s Photographers say "Mia LOVES the snow! This is a photo of her first winter in Wisconsin! She\'s all bundled up & ready to enjoy the winter."


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