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Contest Winners

1st Place Winner
Prize:Custom Swarovski Crystal Designer Dog Collar
Courtesy of: Pick of the Glitter

Photographer: Kim
Hazel’s Photographers say "Hazel's Mom says: “We love our furry companion, Hazel. She is a 3 1/2 year old Chihuahua/Dachshund mix (a.k.a. Chiweenie). She likes: furry squeaky toys, her dog bed, napping, licking faces, burrowing underneath blankets, being warm, sniffing grass, rolli"


2nd Place Winner
Prize:Birthday Celebration Pack in Blue or Pink
Courtesy of: The Pawhaus Pet Boutique

Photographer: Dana
Reese’s Photographers say "Reese's Mom says: “This is Reese. He is a yellow Labrador. He loves to go to the beach. He likes to running in the yard and sleep.”"


3rd Place Winner
Prize:$60 Gift Certificate
Courtesy of: Adogable Apparel

Photographer: Eric
Simon’s Photographers say "Simon's Dad says: “This is my boy Simon. Simon is one and he loves playing with his tennis ball. In fact he will play with it non stop until its put away. When he isn't playing he is very calm and relaxed and is the best friend a guy could have. What a gr"


4th Place Winner
Prize:Rhinestone Bones Collar & Lead
Courtesy of: Rouge New York

Photographer: Ron
Garth’s Photographers say "Garth's Dad says: “My 12 year old black lab Garth. Although he is 12 he still acts like he is 3, refusing to believe he is an old man! Chasing the ball or playing frisbee brings him great joy. He has 1 brother, Odie who is the same age and from the same l"


5th Place Winner
Prize:$50 Gift Certificate
Courtesy of: A Pet's World

Photographer: Tammy
Maddie’s Photographers say "Maddie's Mom says: “Our 4 month old Lhasa Apso Maddie. She is very loving and the highlight of our day. She loves to play and especially outside, so when we recently received 12 inches of snow in Kentucky we could not wait to see how she would react. She "


6th Place Winner
Prize:Plush Rosies Blankets
Courtesy of: Le Pet Petite Boutique

Photographer: Adriane
Sophie’s Photographers say "Sophie's Mom says: “Sophie doing what she does best, playing fetch. She loves her toys, especially the tiny tennis ball that fits so perfect in her mouth. She is very active and is literally obsessed with her ball. She brings it with her around the house,"


7th Place Winner
Prize:2-Year Magazine Subscription
Courtesy of: Urban Paws Magazine

Photographer: Lynn
Snickers’s Photographers say "Snickers's Mom says: “This is Snickers our 5 year old Retired Racing Greyhound. He is a silly, goofy dog that loves to lay out and soak up the sun.”"


8th Place Winner
Prize:$30 Gift Certificate
Courtesy of: Metropaws

Photographer: Jasmine
Tess’s Photographers say "Tess's Mom says: “Tess is a sweet 8-month old girl who loves everyone and everything. These photos were taken on a recent trip to the beach where she had a great time running up and down the beach and meeting new friends. At home, she loves to sleep by th"


9th Place Winner
Prize:Personalized Enamel ID Tag
Courtesy of: Calling All Dogs

Photographer: Craig
Bella’s Photographers say "Bella's Dad says: “ Like most Labs, Bella has an obsession with the outdoors and any type of stick she can find. She proudly prances around with her new found stick as long as she is outside. As you can see in the photo, she loves the snow.”"


10th Place Winner
Prize:2-Year Magazine Subscription
Courtesy of: Urban Dog Magazine

Photographer: Christine
Electra’s Photographers say "Electra's Mom says: “This is Electra a 3 year old Pharaoh Hound. She loves anything to do with chasing bubbles, bumble bees or her big brother Strider. She has a wonderful loving and silly personality and brings great joy to the family.” "


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