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Contest Winners

1st Place Winner
Prize:Ribbon Dog Collar and Lead Set
Courtesy of: Owen and Olivia

Photographer: Beth
Jolie’s Photographers say "Jolie's Mom says: “Jolie is a 9 mth old Chihuahua.”"


2nd Place Winner
Prize:Buddy Belt Harness
Courtesy of: Muttropolis

Photographer: Lance
Francis’s Photographers say "Francis's Dad says: “My Francis is the most lovable dog. She will let you hold and pet her in any position. She is so trusting; she will wiggle on her back in happiness for strangers and bigger doggies. Francis doesn't have a favorite toy; however, her fa"


3rd Place Winner
Prize:Rhinestone Collar & Lead
Courtesy of: Rouge New York

Photographer: Mironda
Gracie’s Photographers say "Gracie's Mom says: “This is Gracie our 2 year old Australian Shepherd. She despises cats and we thought it would be funny to set this up.”"


4th Place Winner
Prize:Manhattan Plaid Dog Raincoat
Courtesy of: Sniffy McGee's

Photographer: Phong
Zoey’s Photographers say "Zoey's Dad says: “Zoey enjoys lazy days in the kitchen waiting for anything that may fall on the floor.”"


5th Place Winner
Prize:Set of 4 Furry Friends Toys
Courtesy of: FouFou Dog

Photographer: Sara
Sophie’s Photographers say "Sophie's Mom says: “This is Sophie, she is a 1 year old chihuahua. I got her a week before christmas 2006 when her owner wasnt able to keep her. She was underweight and lacked all the skills a dog of 8 months should have. Weighing barely 2 pounds. I was t"


6th Place Winner
Prize:Leather Dog Collar
Courtesy of: Urban Hund

Photographer: David
Jake’s Photographers say "Jake's Dad says: “As you can tell Jake loves the water which makes sense since he is a Golden Retriever. Ever since he was a pup, swimming has always been his favorite thing to do. In recent years he's added diving and surfing to his act and is a bit of a"


7th Place Winner
Prize:Custom Pet Portrait
Courtesy of: Metropaws

Photographer: Mom:Kelly
Marilyn’s Photographers say "Marilyn's Mom says: “Her name is Marilyn, so you know she is a Diva. She loves "dancing" for treats, and wearing party dresses. She also loves taking baths... and blow drying her hair! Here she is seen relaxing in some clover on a hot day.”"


8th Place Winner
Prize:Personalized Enamel ID Tag
Courtesy of: Calling All Dogs

Photographer: Cathy
Louie’s Photographers say "Louie's Mom says: “Louie is our pampered little Chihuahua, his favorite food food is any kind of meat. He is adorable in every way possible, and I call him Snuggles instead of Louie because we like to snuggle. He has been alive 1 1/2 cuddly years (the bes"


9th Place Winner
Prize:Puppy Love Gift Tote Bag
Courtesy of: Personalized Pup

Photographer: Daniel
Perry’s Photographers say "Perry's Dad says: “The lil pug's name is Perry. He loves to follow me around the house and sleep. Perry also loves to chew on everything.”"


10th Place Winner
Prize:2-Year Magazine Subscription
Courtesy of: Urban Dog Magazine

Photographer: Cathy
Llellow’s Photographers say "Llellow's Mom says: “Llellow is our 4 1/2 month old yellow lab. He loves to be with people. His favorite pastime is stealing dirty laundry! His favorite treats are chicken jerky strips. ” "


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