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Contest Winners

1st Place Winner
Prize:Ribbon Dog Collar and Lead Set
Courtesy of: Owen and Olivia

Photographer: Lacey
Bob’s Photographers say "Bob's Mom says: “This is our beloved Jack Russell Terrier, Bob. He is now 9 years old, but still gets pampered like the precious puppy he is. As you can see in these photos, he loves the beach where he can hang in the hammock, or play in the pool.”"


2nd Place Winner
Prize:Disco Diva Dress
Courtesy of: Jasmin Renner

Photographer: Melissa
Lily’s Photographers say "Lily's Mom says: “This is my 2yr old, 2.8lbs Chihuahua, Lily! Her favourite thing to do is to bask in the sun. If there is sun shining through anywhere, you better believe she's the first one to find it.”"


3rd Place Winner
Prize:Rhinestone Collar & Lead
Courtesy of: Rouge New York

Photographer: Christine
Walter’s Photographers say "Walter's Mom says: “One of his favorite games is to play hide and seek in the horse stalls (across the street at the agriplex/city fairgrounds). We borrowed the daffodil for a mother's day photo op, and he forgot all about it the second I picked up his ba"


4th Place Winner
Prize:Manhattan Plaid Dog Raincoat
Courtesy of: Sniffy McGee's

Photographer: Amber
Marco’s Photographers say "Marco's Mom says: “Marco is a Pug/Beagle mix (Puggle) but often gets mistaken for a Lab puppy because of his colorings. People quickly realize he is not as soon as they see his big eyes! He is a rescue and was in bad shape when we got him--but is doing gr"


5th Place Winner
Prize:Pink Lattice Tote
Courtesy of: A Pet's World

Baxter Bojangles
Photographer: Kelly
Baxter Bojangles’s Photographers say "Baxter Bojangles's Mom says: “This is Baxter Bojangles, our one-year-old Westie. Bax loves to go on walks, chase squirrels, meet new dogs and people, and play hide-and-seek.”"


6th Place Winner
Prize:Leather Dog Collar
Courtesy of: Urban Hund

Papa Doc
Photographer: Pamela
Papa Doc’s Photographers say "Papa Doc's Mom says: “His name is Papa Doc and he is quite a character! Being a French Bulldog, he was born to be spoiled! He is pretty possessive of his belongings and I have found him many things that he likes on Pampered Puppy. For example, he wears a "


7th Place Winner
Prize:Custom Pet Portrait
Courtesy of: Metropaws

Photographer: Erica
Kadin’s Photographers say "Kadin's Mom says: “This is a picture of Kadin my 9 month old Ibizan Hound. He came to live with me when he was 9 weeks old. He's such a great boy and will always keep you smiling. He's got a great love for life. He loves every person he meets and if you d"


8th Place Winner
Prize:Spike Dog Collar
Courtesy of: FouFou Dog

Photographer: Anne
Dave’s Photographers say "Dave's Mom says: “This is Dave. He's 5 months old in human years, 3 years old in dog years, and he acts like a 3 year old indeed. He's playful and mischievious, but VERY cute!”"


9th Place Winner
Prize:Personalized Enamel ID Tag
Courtesy of: Calling All Dogs

Photographer: Kelli
Dixie’s Photographers say "Dixie's Dad says: “This is Dixie. She is a 5-year-old American Bulldog. She is a sweetheart and a lovebug. She has her bully moments, though.”"


10th Place Winner
Prize:Dog T-shirt
Courtesy of: Hairy Grandkids

Photographer: Josh
Lucy’s Photographers say ""


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