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Contest Winners

1st Place Winner
Prize:Ribbon Dog Collar and Lead Set
Courtesy of: Owen and Olivia

Ellie May
Photographer: Ricki
Ellie May’s Photographers say "Ellie May's Mom says: “This is my liver colored Boston Terrier Ellie May enjoying her first snow fall. She loves playing with her older sister Emma (in the back of the photo) and sucking on her stuffed animals. She loves dog cookies, especially peanut but"


2nd Place Winner
Prize:Fou-Ma Booties
Courtesy of: FouFou Dog

Photographer: Roy
Lucious’s Photographers say "Lucious's Dad says: “SLucious is a chihuahua 6 years old - she loves her brother Sampson, a toy fox terrier.”"


3rd Place Winner
Prize:Rhinestone Collar & Lead
Courtesy of: Rouge New York

Photographer: Amy
Simba’s Photographers say "Simba's Mom says: “He's a pure bred Golden Retriever. I named him Simba, after the Lion King! I love that movie! His most favorite thing to do is lounge around on the couch. He's claimed it. Sometimes it's been wondered if he's even got a heart beat! He's"


4th Place Winner
Prize:Eyelash Sweater
Courtesy of: A Pet's World

Photographer: Darby
Henry’s Photographers say "Henry's Mom says: “This is Henry. He's an 11 month old weimaraner. On cold winter days he likes to curl up into one big, gray ball and nap on the couch.”"


5th Place Winner
Prize:Custom Pet Portrait
Courtesy of: Metropaws

Photographer: Lori
Roxy’s Photographers say "Roxy's Mom says: “This is Roxy. She was a rescue dog and is the best dog in the world. She loves to dress up, and loves to be rubbed. Her favorite toy is her little football, and she loves all soft treats. She loves people.”"


6th Place Winner
Prize:Paisley Martingale Collar
Courtesy of: Calling All Dogs

Photographer: Sonia
Zoey’s Photographers say "Zoey's Mom says: “Zoey is a 2 year old beagle. Zoey's favorite thing to do is go to the dog park and chase everything in sight. She loves playing catch but fails to actually return the ball most of the time.”"


7th Place Winner
Prize:The Harry Barker Spa Kit
Courtesy of: Lola & T.Rex

Photographer: Diana
Spur’s Photographers say ""


8th Place Winner
Prize:Urban Wrap
Courtesy of: Urban Hund

Photographer: Lauren
Zelda’s Photographers say "Zelda's Mom says: “Zelda likes licking her brother Winston's ears, chasing her tail, and barking the world's smallest barks! I absolutely love them both to death!”"


9th Place Winner
Prize:Two Collar Charms
Courtesy of: Luxepets

Photographer: Denise
Molly’s Photographers say "Molly's Mom says: “Molly is a soft coated wheatens terrier. She and her sister Pushinka are happy, playful girls who love to romp and wrestle with each other. Molly is our court jester!”"


10th Place Winner
Prize:Dog T-shirt
Courtesy of: Hairy Grandkids

Photographer: Katie
Roxie’s Photographers say "Roxie's Mom says: “Roxie is a 6 month old cavapoo (1/2 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and 1/2 Miniture Poodle).� We got her 3 months ago and she's been a wonderful addition to our family.��She�has lots of energy and loves to play, but once she is tired she"


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