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Contest Winners

1st Place Winner
Prize:Recycled denim dog pillow
Courtesy of: for the love of pete!

Photographer: Becky
Bijou’s Photographers say "Bijou's Mom says: “She's 7 months old and is incredibly silly. The first picture was taken at Runyon Canyon in Hollywood which is her favorite place to walk. Bijou loves to run around with one tennis ball in her mouth while playing soccer with a second te"


2nd Place Winner
Prize:Leather Collar & Leash Set
Courtesy of: Urban Hund

Photographer: Kara
George’s Photographers say "George's Mom says: “Our new rescued Weimaraner, George, thinks he is Superman... or Superdog, rather. Oh, to be 1 and 1/2 again!”"


3rd Place Winner
Prize:Asian Brocade Collar & Lead Set
Courtesy of: Paw Printz Pet Boutique

Photographer: Sheila
Patch’s Photographers say "Patch's owner says: “Patch is a three year old boxer, adopted from Boxer Rescue Los Angeles. Patch is deaf, so he learns hand signals instead of verbal commands. He is a Canine Good Citizen and loves his agility classes!”"


4th Place Winner
Prize:Flower Bed & Bee Friend
Courtesy of: The Princess and the Pup

Photographer: Daniel
Ddang-kong’s Photographers say "Daniel says: “This is Ddang-kong (Koreans for peanut), my chihuahua. He lives with me and 3 cats. He is a thinker, as shown in the photo.”"


5th Place Winner
Prize:Pyramid Wrought Iron Raised Dog Diner
Courtesy of: Calling All Dogs

Stolli and Gesso
Photographer: K.C.
Stolli and Gesso’s Photographers say "Stolli and Gesso's Mom says: “Stolli, the minature American Eskimo, and Gesso, the Chihuahua mix do everything together ... Even their yawns are synchronized!”"


6th Place Winner
Prize:Mat Bed
Courtesy of: DogChewz NYC

Photographer: Maggie
Tito’s Photographers say "Tito's Mom says: “This is Tito, he is a 16 month old Yorkshire Terrier. I got him as a grad present when I finished University. He has brought so much joy to my life and is just full of character!”"


7th Place Winner
Prize:Pawberry Blanket Set
Courtesy of: Bow Wow Couture

Photographer: Meghan
Cooper’s Photographers say "Cooper's Mom says: “This is my dog Cooper, he's a longhaired chihuahua. He loves to play with the cat, and is a bundle of energy!”"


8th Place Winner
Prize:Monogrammed Pet Blanket
Courtesy of: Precious Pup

Photographer: Sabrina
Rico’s Photographers say "Rico's Mom says: “Rico is a very sweet 3-year-old chihuahua. He loves cuddling under a blanket on the couch and actually wispers when he asks for attention. And how he loves the camera, tilting his head to the left and the right!”"


9th Place Winner
Prize:John Paul Pet Package
Courtesy of: LottzaStuff

Ellie & Tatie
Photographer: Kristen
Ellie & Tatie’s Photographers say "Ellie & Tatie's Mom says: “Ellie is an 8 month old Boston Terrier girl and Tatie is a 5 month old Boxer girl. They are sisters (by adoption) and they love each other very, very much. They also love to get in to tons of trouble!”"


10th Place Winner
Prize:Designer Sleep-ezz: Reversible Pet Bed
Courtesy of: Pet Dreams

Photographer: Sandy
Reese’s Photographers say "Reese's Mom says: “This is Reese, our lovable rat terrier/cocker spaniel. She is a spunky little thing who seems to have some kitty cat in her (hence her tag/we refer to her as Trixie on occasion since that name seems to fit her spunk more then her given "


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