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Contest Winners

1st Place Winner
Prize:Leather Collar & Leash Set
Courtesy of: Urban Hund

Photographer: Dave
Lucy’s Photographers say "Lucy says: “I am a half Pug, half Lhasa Apso. I love to lay in the sun, go for walks, and cuddle on my owners lap. I love anything with chicken in it... mmmm chicken. I still remember when my mommy and daddy walked into the pet store and picked me out. Th"


2nd Place Winner
Prize:Custom pet portrait
Courtesy of: for the love of pete!

Photographer: Colleen
Mickey’s Photographers say "Mickey's Mom says: “Mickey is a four month old Boston Terrier puppy. Mickey has spent his first summer happily playing with his toys, and passing out kisses to anyone that wants one. He is one sweet, happy boy!”"


3rd Place Winner
Prize:Mu*Shu Faux Pink Fur Pet Carrier
Courtesy of: Paw Printz Pet Boutique

Photographer: Hugo
Pépé’s Photographers say "Pépé's owner says: “He is a�splendid chihuahua whose favorite pastimes include sleeping under the covers and outside on the grass. ”"


4th Place Winner
Prize:Tropical Hula Gift Basket
Courtesy of: The Personalized Pup

Heuser and Tally
Photographer: Alyssa
Heuser and Tally’s Photographers say "Heuser and Tally's Mom says: “Judging by the reaction I got at work today from my coworkers on a request to stop feeding the Chihuahuas so much, you'd think I abused my dogs! Ah..The joys of working for the original bakery for dogs! ”"


5th Place Winner
Prize:Cartoon Style Pet Portrait
Courtesy of: 100 Paws

Photographer: Allison
Kodi’s Photographers say "Kodi's Mom says: “Here is Kodi lounging at the pool, her favorite thing to do on a hot summer day.”"


6th Place Winner
Prize:Twist Single Pet Dish
Courtesy of: Folk Tails

Photographer: Katie
Cody’s Photographers say "Cody's Mom says: “Cody is an active Therapy Dog through both BC Pets & Friends and the St John Ambulance Therapy Dog Program. Cody has touched the lives of numerous people, knowing just how to befriend those who are lonely, just how to warm the hearts of "


7th Place Winner
Prize:Monogrammed Pet Blanket
Courtesy of: Precious Pup

Photographer: Kris
Bella’s Photographers say "Bella's Mom says: “This is our little Bella, at almost 5 months she weighs 2 lbs. My husband and I have nicknamed her "THE ROCKSTAR" as no matter where we travel with her, she gets swarmed by people... and she loves the attention!”"


8th Place Winner
Prize:$25 Gift Certificate
Courtesy of: Paw Palace Online

Photographer: Suzanne
Cranley’s Photographers say "Cranley's Mom says: “These pictures are of my dog Cranley, who is a 13 month old goldendoodle. He is a very playful puppy and loved romping on the beach and through barley fields on his first vacation to Prince Edward Island.”"


9th Place Winner
Prize:Designer Sleep-ezz: Reversible Pet Bed
Courtesy of: Pet Dreams

Photographer: Jessica
Zoe’s Photographers say "Zoe's Mom says: “She is a princess who wears pink, enjoys sticking out her tongue pretty much all day long, and eats many beautiful flowers from the garden.” "


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