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Contest Winners

1st Place Winner
Prize:$50 Gift Certificate
Courtesy of: 100 Paws

Photographer: Stacy
Geejee’s Photographers say "Geejee's Mom says: “This is Geejee my Little girl frenchie that is such a spoiled brat, she loves to be picked up when she knows it will benefit her.”"


2nd Place Winner
Prize:The Victoria Dress
Courtesy of: Bow Wow Couture

Photographer: Stacy
Lola’s Photographers say "Lola's Mom says: “This is Lola. She is my princess so she is always in the spotlight. She lounges around like she owns the place (which she does!!). I love to take her picture though she would rather eat the camera than pose for it.”"


3rd Place Winner
Prize:Puppy Nursery Set
Courtesy of: Happy Tails Pet Boutique

Photographer: Gina
Manny’s Photographers say "Manny's mom says: “This was his first time experiencing the infamous and beautiful Washington, D.C. Cherry Blossoms during the annual Cherry Blossom Festival this April. Manny thoroughly enjoyed the sights and roaming the streets of D.C. on such a beautif"


4th Place Winner
Prize:Beach Blanket Bingo Gift Basket
Courtesy of: Pawsitively Posh

Photographer: Miriam
Hope’s Photographers say "Miriam says: “Hope will be trained for the CWAC Educational & Awareness program and when fully grown if her health clearances permit. As her name well says, we have great 'hope' on this little girl!”"


5th Place Winner
Prize:Welcome Waggin Dog Print
Courtesy of: O! You Lucky Dog

Photographer: Gillian
Isabella’s Photographers say "Isabella's Mom says: “She's two years old and usually shy, but can also be quite the flirt! She has a hard life, balancing the time to cuddle, sleep, and eat. Laying on her electric blanket chewing a pig ear is her favorite treat. She's spoiled rotten and"


6th Place Winner
Prize:Kay Kay Dress
Courtesy of: Folk Tails

Lucinda Belle and friends
Photographer: Ashley
Lucinda Belle and friends’s Photographers say "Lucinda Belle's Mom says: “This picture is of Lucinda Belle (lower right corner), our 3-year-old Toy Fox Terrier, and her "country cousins." On this particular day, she was visiting with, from left, Bella, LuLu and Maggie when they happened to see Squirre"


7th Place Winner
Prize:Hip Doggie Clothing
Courtesy of: Abigail and Mikey Designs

Photographer: Cindy
Zack’s Photographers say "Zack's Mom says: “Zack is a five year old Yorkie and a very important member of our family. He loves playing in water and chasing squirrels and birds. He is very smart and can perform many tricks. His most unique talent is that he is able to sneeze on com"


8th Place Winner
Prize:Dog Breed Note Cards
Courtesy of: Hip Doggie

Photographer: Stephanie
Gong-Ju’s Photographers say "Gong-Ju's Mom says: “Gong-Ju loves dancing on her legs and giving love and joy to the whole family, she loves to play fetch and give tons and tons of kisses!” "


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