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Contest Winners

1st Place Winner
Prize:Leather Collar & Leash Set
Courtesy of: UrbanHund

Tusi, Scrappy Doo, Teddi, Leroy, and Gizmo
Photographer: Krissy
Tusi, Scrappy Doo, Teddi, Leroy, and Gizmo’s Photographers say "Their mom says: “"You can't have just one". That is for sure. Here is Tusi, Scrappy Doo, Teddi, Leroy, and Gizmo all chasing their favorite toy, their mom. We play the picture game which involves mom running as fast as she can, taking a photo (hoping it t"


2nd Place Winner
Prize:Sports Vest
Courtesy of: Beanies and Belvedere

Photographer: Patricia
Misty’s Photographers say "Misty's Mom says: “After spending 18 months in a puppymill cage, Misty, our rescued 2-1/2 year old Miniature Poodle, likes to relax near the window and watch life go by in a leisurely fashion!”"


3rd Place Winner
Prize:$50 Gift Certificate
Courtesy of: The Quintessential Pet

Photographer: Vicky
Zoe’s Photographers say "Zoe's Mom says: “Zoe is lively 6 month old rough coat Jack Russell puppy. She is full of mischief and curiousity. Her favorite thing to do is to creep up and pounce on her big brother Jake (also a JRT) when he isn't looking! She loves to snuggle up and be"


4th Place Winner
Prize:"Happy Halloween" gift pack
Courtesy of: Heart Of My Heart Pet Boutique

Photographer: Kathleen
Ruben’s Photographers say "Ruben's Mom says: “This is a shot of our dog Ruben, a black and tan chihuahua, to be considered for the photo contest. I captured this as he caught a spot of sunlight to warm up. The yawn and the shadow was a bonus. He loves sun bathing, playing fetch and"


5th Place Winner
Prize:Jumpin' Jack-O-Lantern!
Courtesy of: O! You Lucky Dog

Photographer: Sheila
Molly’s Photographers say "Molly's Mom says: “We got Molly because our other dog, Ginger (sharpei mix) seem to be lonely by herself. Molly is the runt of the pack and weighs only 6 pounds. As small as she is, she loves to eat! (Her poops are almost as big as her). It's really hard "


6th Place Winner
Prize:Harness Vest
Courtesy of: Bella Paris

Photographer: Chelsea
Dobby’s Photographers say "Dobby's Mom says: “His name is Dobby he's a 2yr old Chihuahua who always loves to get dressed up. When he puts on his lily boot while were out you should see the way he prances around, he really thinks he's hot stuff!”"


7th Place Winner
Prize:Dog Breed Note Cards
Courtesy of: SoHoPets

Photographer: Mayr
Mendel’s Photographers say ""


8th Place Winner
Prize:Shampoo/Spritz Gift Set
Courtesy of: Cain & Able Collection

Photographer: Marcela
Rocky’s Photographers say "Rocky's Mom says: “Rocky loves to model for mommy's camera. He absolutely loves snausages and his rope toys.”"


9th Place Winner
Prize:Star Denim Dress
Courtesy of: Doggy Design

Photographer: Nate
Sadie’s Photographers say "Nate says: “This is our Chihuahua Sadie. There are only two things that Sadie loves more than her mommy and daddy: sleeping and her favorite stuffed animal, Tiger.” "


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