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Contest Winners

1st Place Winner
Prize:Stars & Stripes Basket
Courtesy of:

Bentley, Sadey and Maddie
Photographer: Jennifer
Bentley, Sadey and Maddie’s Photographers say "Bentley, Sadey and Maddie's Mom says: “This was our spring photo. We usually just do christmas but I thought we would do something a little different this year. All of my babies were, at one time, unwanted dogs. They are the love of my life (ok, my husban"


2nd Place Winner
Prize:116 Ways to Spoil Your Dog
Courtesy of:

Photographer: Lindsay
Prasila’s Photographers say "Prasila's Mom says: “She loves to make new friends, dogs and human. Her favorite thing in the world is swimming. She's very playful, sensitive, affectionate, gentle and loyal. She also knows how to sniff out trouble. There have been a couple times when we"


3rd Place Winner
Prize:116 Ways to Spoil Your Dog
Courtesy of:

Bennie and Maggie
Photographer: Bridget
Bennie and Maggie’s Photographers say "Bennie and Maggie's Mom says: “Benny is the black dachshund mix (12 lbs), Maggie is the wacky-looking shih-tzu/beagle mix (18 lbs). They love to sleep, take walks downtown, and play with cat toys. Benny sleeps on my pillow every night. They are both rescu"


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